taskhent - uzbekistan
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(For Flight 09 & Fomalgaut)

Mental Pabulum

Let me entertain you with a set of words All my words are sharp like swords Open your ears and listen to me Fish in the river tiger in the wood Each living creation is looking for food Including people like you and me We'll never look younger we'll always grow old We'll never shine like the sun We'll never be wise wil'll always be dolt We'll be giving an enema and having fun Until we realize that we are pagans

Perfect Mess

Seas are covered with clouds Skies are full of raging waves Agitation for a crowd Peace and harmony for graves Everyone's in the eternal quest Of the world of eternal rest Bulls and horses fly to heaven Hens and eagles race to hell One, two, three, four, five, six, seven All the best, I wish you well Everyone's in the eternal quest Of the world of eternal rest What wonderful shit such a story Of absurdities Hey don't wait for my 'sorry' Take this as it is And get your stupid happy end

Marking Time

It's time to go My heart is opened for tomorrow It's time to know If there is something I can borrow From you my future life After death If there is something else I'm running in the night Searching for the light That'd show me the exit to parallel worlds In that unfair play I'm making no headway It's time to end Your pointless run and dry your tears Please understand That you just cannot run from here Life is just a game You have nothing to win it You're still the same:

Eternal Disgrace

I've been there I've been here I've been nowhere after all All I knew was smashed against the wall Of my knowledge of tomorrow Full of violence and sorrow Hey let's kick that damned earthly ball Pulsars, quasars, unlike poles Snow-white pillows, black souls The mask of lie instead of open face Paupers, peasants, and the rich Husband, lover, ponce, and bitch All these are features of eternal disgrace

Pagan Song

Holy sun! What's real life? Please let me know Tears in the eyes, fear in souls, blood on the snow Victims of lie, victims of war, victims of peace Demons of light, angels of dark, I'm on my knees I'm a blind man, I'm praying I'm a blind man, I just believe I'm sick to fly to reach you I'm sick to cry for you to hear me I'm sick to fly to touch you You will burn my wings anyway Holy Wind! What's real life? Please let me know What's the meaning of all your continuous blows? Panic in the eyes chaos in the mind darkness in souls Tearful people, tearful trees, tearful stones I'm a blind man, I'm praying I'm a blind man, I just believe I'm sick to fly to pursue you I'm sick to cry for you to hear me I'm sick to fly to touch you You will break my wings anyway

Watching Your Soul

You're eager for big money, for power, and everything The essence of your stupid life is just a deadly sin The grossest of errors, the death for your soul You're simply a mole welcome to the hole You are so lustful you're always drunk You have a pistol your friends are punks But one fine day you will drop Hey you believe me it'll be a sudden stop

Dancing with Ghost

God knows why I am here alone in this old castle's hall Portrait of beauty among the web hangs on the wall What is it girl's winked at me and I've thought she's alive Music from nowhere struck up with mysterious drive Dance with the figure of ghost The low power spurt of diminishing force Dance with the figure of ghost Run away from this strange and terrible place But there are no doors there are no doors Dance with me pretty I know there's nowhere to run Kiss me my girl with your deadly cold lips little witch Your eyes are like the stars and this moon's like a beautiful sun But what are you doing vampire release damn you bitch

When Sleepers Wake Up

You tried to find you tried to feel You tried to hold in your hands on what you saw all around You cried in the night because you couldn't see The dust that danced in the light My dear friend Hide your confusion We'll burn ourselves Please take my hand We will free our minds from illusions To see the heavens, purgatories, and hells When sleepers wake up We struggle with strangers When sleepers wake up We're looking for angels

November Rain

November rain A hole in the sky I'm losing myself I'm loosing my mind November snow And dreams around When demons wake the sun went down November tears From empty skies I lost my name I cannot cry November fears Under my bed When angels sleep I'm going mad The failure of weather The sweetness of lie Calm in my head Storm in my eye

Before I Fly

I'm longing for the light That shines forever and is so bright I am still full of fight To overcome my flesh and pride I'm on my way to that Which I can't understand Yet feel it's full of light and truth I pray the Lord To help me to withstand Against the ford Of passion I'll get through any stone and steel I will not cry I'll wash my face and strain my will Before I fly