taskhent - uzbekistan
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(X Religion)

Agnostic Eparchy 

Jesus please tell me from Thy Kingdom Come who I am Angel or demon or dragon or lion or lamb Where's my religion and why I'm not blinded by faith Answer my question what happens to me after death Seas of religious mess overcome all around Years like birds fly from me while I stay on the ground Heaven or hell waits for me or I'll roam through the lives Bodies and faces on planets of the other side

Waiting for the Sign of Eternity

Sing me my unknown friend Sing a song of me and you Hey could you let me understand Why faith of mine is always new Im searching for the Truth That's out there Still haven't found it There's no way to run away From my long and ardent thoughts Sometimes they're light but mostly gray Just say a word my friend I'll pray Help me to find myself My only faith Where is my place In Universe What is my name my friend what is my name Where is my home my friend where is my home I would return to you I will return again If you will turn the stone Turn the stone Tell a story friend of mine Story of the only Truth Where are no spaces, where are no times Where is no flattery nor lie Where's no oceans Where's no sands Where's no beginning where's no end Where's the only whole Truth Where begins eternal youth I understand that I was blind A demon laughed in my mind So please don't leave me now With my empty pride Please let me know the Truth Come here my friend welcome please take my hand This ordinary day we'll go so far In search of God and Truth we'll understand The World is Love the only rising star

Transformation of Mentality

There's no end there's no beginning In Cosmos In the mystery of silence In pleasure In the land of our emotions In trouble You can find this single knowledge But later Seems you have a lot of money And women Each day you look like a Hero Heraclus And you even often think You're the King of all Kings And you hold in your hands Eternity's Wings Human devil's running wild over Human devil's running wild over The Cosmos The Pleasure The Trouble But you still can find a way Away, away, away From the devil that's running wild Inside you

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Hello my friend and here's my bye Just right away after I hailed to you I am not guilty it was Time "Who" stole my present And had already time enough To transform it into my past Let's beat that damned time Like cops baton a robber It all's in vain my friend Don't think of Time you're "Her" forever Genoa Genoma Ulcer Adenoma Oh it's just Sandro he's my friend He rules his music bark right here (He rules a bark? Why not a boat? He'd better bark... bark at the moon!) Time said (not me I would be happy To even marry "Her" forever But "She" is yours I wash my hands of it) And you? You're not just after thirty And you are still unmarried though While I got married when I was Thirteen years younger Than you are at the moment So what is that you're waiting for Time's here Time is there Time's nowhere yet Time is everywhere You'd better marry "Her" Afraid of Genomania instead The Plague of Time "She's" so malevolenta It's happened just in uno momento? Memento Mori Forget of sentimenti Call these things my drunk associations I'd like to be an Honorary Member A real Ace of the Association Of sexy women asses They will be Ashes soon So pity All right don't worry friend I am not crazy I'm just an old man I'm lazy Though it would be maybe not too bad To be (yeah) crazee just a bit So, are you ready? Lay a bet If you can keep a steady beat The beat of life the beat of death It's all just Time: Time wants to eat You liked my pamphlet: Then get your happy end!

Religion of the Dead

My world Was nice While I was alive The light So bright Was killed with the deadly drive I sing my new fairy song For those who know my world Beat the gong My song will be strong I'll say my last words Last words That Heaven can't wait When I'll find my new faith I'm not alone Here is my home My new and eternal home Listen to my Inaudible voice And get your last choice The word Is the world The hymn of the dead Will rise up To the walls Of the Castle of Life The religion of the dead Hear and you'll understand Between me And all of us Only the words remain Break your chains Call the mass And rise up again

A. L. I. V. E. - Epitaph

Play the game That people call life Where you can find a knife And a passion's flame Welcome you will roll the bones On the street's stones Welcome Play the game that's called life But if you lose your mind You must pay The only big price That's called your own life Remember that time Will never become your friend From the past till the end Only you On the road from nowhere to that Which you can't understand Welcome To the game that's called life Leave your lullabye Stand up and take your bones Roll and say them goodbye So you are alone In the face of your state In the face of your fate It's too late To return to the land of your pleasure So let go Welcome You are here Where you rolled your broken bones Have you seen your chance and choice Or even not You're here You're there I don't know where you are Welcome

Dances On Gobelins

Father of Earth play the funeral march Just the dust in Thy Church Thy Home keeps Thy Sorrow Between the flagstones and there's no tomorrow We dance on the gobelins of evil and lie To the music of madness and eternal cry We forgot all Thy Testaments and Thy Banner was lost Where is Thy Sign it's too late for the planet of ghosts