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April 12, 2005
>Jeremy & Progressor - "The Pearl of Great Price": The first joint effort by Jeremy Morris (solo) and Vitaly Menshikov (>X Religion), this CD was released on April 12, 2005, by Moscow's MALS Records, known for its long-term collaboration with Musea Records, and will be the label's first international release. The album features composition and performance contributions from Brian Hirsch (Moonchild Records, Indeed), and to the memory of whom the album is dedicated.
December 19, 2004
Jeremy Morris and Vitaly Menshikov have just completed their collaborative album (as Jeremy & Progressor) "The Pearl of Great Price" (7 tracks, 68 min) in the style of symphonic Space Rock with elements of classical. More info coming soon.
December 20, 2003
"Dances on Gobelins" has been reissued in Russia/CIS by Moscow's Starless Records under license of Mellow Records.
September 1, 2003
"Dances on Gobelins" will soon be reissued in Russia/CIS by Moscow's Starless Records under license of Mellow Records.
August 1, 2003
"Dances on Gobelins" is named the Album of the Month (July) on the Japanese site:  Garden Shed.  
June 14, 2003

The new X Religion album "Dances on Goblins" was released on Mellow Records on June 11, 2003 (Cat. No MMP-440). This 60-minute album consists of seven long tracks and features an amazing 16-page booklet filled with surrealistic paintings and lyrics printed in Gothic.

The best definition of the album's predominant stylistics would probably be Classical Music by Dints of Progressive Rock.

If you're into a highly sophisticated progressive music, please support the band by ordering the CD from: Mellow Records, Syn-Phonic Records, some other vendors.

Meanwhile, all tracks for the next X Religion album, titled "Gothic Romance", are already composed, and the band is going to start recording them within the next few weeks.

September 15, 2002

The debut X Religion related album, Al-Bird's 50-minute "Sodom & Gomorra XXI" (CD: FGBG 4435), entitled as "A Solo Album From One of The Three of X Religion" and performed by him along with both of his X Religion band mates, was released by MUSEA Records. STYLE: Epic Symphonic Progressive. To see the cover of the CD booklet, read the short description of the album and the band, listen to MP3, and order it from the MUSEA Records MusiCDirect online store - click here.   Of course, you may only listen to mp3 here, while the CD, you may order from your favorite vendor.

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