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Yama Yung (USA) - 2003 - "Schaieen Wan Zayin"
(52 min, 'Yama Yung')


1.  Good Ol' Rock 6:03
2.  No Drug of This Century 3:57
3.  Of Unknown Origin 3:19
4.  Walk Away 3:04
5.  Amazing Grace 5:04
6.  M & M 4:16
7.  Dealer's Choice 3:13
8.  And I Love You 3:46
9.  Broken Men 3:45
10. The Mutation Suite 8:09
11. Always Victorious 3:48
12. Now 4:18

All tracks: by White, except
1 & 7: by M. Patterson / White, & 5: traditional.


Michael White - bass, guitar; vocals; 
Ian Witmeir - drums (?) & percussion

Prolusion. The US duo Yama Yung interprets the title of their first opus "Schaieet Wan Zayin" as Beginning to End or First to Last.

Synopsis. The note in the booklet of the CD (and this is a real factory-made CD) runs: "Sometimes intricate, weird, and not easily understood, Yama Yung is not music for everyone", which doesn't correspond to reality at all. Neither weird nor intricate, Yama Yung is a music for nobody and isn't music as such, and the 'creators' of all of this are lumbermen rather than musicians. On the album is presented an affected, incoherent, and completely unimpressive Hard Rock with elements of guitar Art-Rock (sometimes vice versa). The recording is homemade, but it would've been all right with me if these guys were able to play their instruments or at least record their parts more or less properly. However, the performance is not even amateur: it is dilettantish and clumsy, to say the least. Everything is terrible here, and especially vocals and 'drums', the sound of which is just awful and is like that of one of the first drum machines built back at the end of the 1970s. Mr. Witmeir is mentioned in the CD booklet as the author of percussion lines. If only you would hear how incredibly awry these 'lines' are - throughout the album, of course! It was very hard for me to listen to it to the end, and I am sure anyone will get sick of hearing it.

Conclusion. Not a single self-respected artist, not to mention any labels, would release such a potboiler as is presented on Yama Yung's CD. This is probably the worst Rock music-related album I've ever heard in my life.

VM: September 10, 2003


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