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X Religion (Uzbekistan) - 2001 / 2002 - "Dances On Gobelins"
(60 min, Mellow Records: MMP 440 CD)

1. Agnostic Eparchy 10:39 (VM)
2. Waiting For the Sign of Eternity 4:33 (AK)
3. Transformation of Mentality 8:45 (AK & VV)
4. Yesterday's Tomorrow 9:54 (VM & VV)
5. Religion of the Dead 6:07 (AK & VV)
6. A. L. I. V. E. - Epitaph 9:02 (AK)
7. Dances On Gobelins 9:18 (VM)

All music & lyrics by V. Menshikov & A. Khalmurzayev.
Additional musical material by Val Vorobjov.


Albert "Al-Bird" Khalmurzayev (AK):
- Various Yamaha, Korg, & Ensoniq keyboards;
- Yamaha electric & acoustic guitars (on tracks 5 & 6)
- Voice

Vitaly Menshikov (VM): 
- Yamaha bass guitar - via DOD Pro-1 sound processor; 
- Yamaha acoustic & electric guitars (on tracks 4 & 7)

Valery 'Ptero' Vorobjov (VV): 
- Yamaha electric drum kit & Sabian hi-hat and cymbals;
- Additional Yamaha keyboards (on tracks 1, 2, & 3)

Produced by X Religion.
Recorded, mixed, & mastered by AH
at the Youth Theatre studio, Tashkent, 1999 to 2001. 
All artworks by Vladimir Finkilstein.
Technical support on the Web by Gene Revin.

Prologue. The "Dances On Gobelins" album is part of the discography of X Religion. This is our second official CD, which will soon be released by Mellow Records. In fact, this album was recorded before "Sodom & Gomorra XXI", which was released on CD by Musea Records on September 14, 2002, though both of them were mixed, mastered, and produced the same year - in 2001. For more info on the band, both of the said albums, and the artwork of "Dances On Gobelins" CD's 16-page booklet, filled with fantastical paintings of our friend and neighbor Vladimir, check Related Links below.

The Album. Please wait until the CD will be released and, a bit later, reviewed by my brothers and sisters in Prog-pen at various progressive 'sources'. At the moment, the only review of both of our albums, penned by Fred Trafton, can be read at the X Religion entry in the Gibraltar EPR:

Summary. As a matter of fact, this material (as a whole) is placed here with the only purpose to present you all the so-called booklet details of this CD, as we know that only a few (and only online) Progressive Rock sources will also publish them, and not a bare review.

VM. October 16, 2002

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