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Vvon Dogma I - 2017 - "Communion"

(14:44, Vvon Dogma I)


Canadian foursome VVON DOGMA I is the creative vehicle of bassist Frederick Filiatrault (formerly of Unexpect), and is a fairly recent addition to the Canadian music scene. "Communion" is their debut EP, and was self released in the late fall of 2017. This is a band that have managed to create their own brand of odd progressive metal, sort of. The main ingredients are djent-oriented instrument details, as a recurring rather than constant element, and effects treated vocals that may or may not be through a vocoder. The compositions alternate between tighter and looser sections, creating a rather distinct ebb and flow motion, and with some tendencies to funk of the Les Claypool variety finding their way beneath the guitars and rhythms. More art-oriented passages not too unlike what Trey Gunn has made a reputation for is a part of the package as well, as are a liberal amount of electronic effects. This is unconventional music to say the least, and that some stoner rock elements appear in one of the tracks kind of goes with the territory here. As does the layered, classical music violin opening cut, an exceptional entity on just about all levels when compared to the three cuts that follow. If the word djent is one you are tired of seeing and your opinion is that nothing new nor innovative can be found under that tag anymore. Vvon Dogma I is a band that merits a check. This is a band that does to djent what Claypool does to funk and Patton does to rock and metal. An out there and challenging affair, and most likely with more of a niche appeal due to that. But those who get it will enjoy this stuff immensely.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: November 29th, 2017

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