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Ultime Atome (France) - 2003 - "Dark Visions"
(54 min, Musea)


1.  Meine Liebe 14:07
2.  Battlefield 22:08
3.  Eternal Warrior 8:39
4.  Dreamland 9:46

All music: by Ultime Atome.
All lyrics: by Ginanneschi.


Isabelle Decamps - keyboards
Walter Ginanneschi - guitars
Jean Marc Tesorio - vocals
Bruno Vente - basses
Patrick Delmas - drums 

Prolusion. "Dark Visions" is the debut album by the French band Ultime Atome.

Synopsis. Many years have passed since Marillion, the best of the bands influenced by the most influential band of the 1970s, Genesis, took hold of the baton and became the most influential band itself. The 54-minute "Dark Visions" features four long tracks, only one of which: Meine Leibe (1) is marked with a completely original music representing a moderately complex Prog-Metal with elements of Symphonic Art-Rock. As for the music on all three of the other tracks and all the vocals on the album in general, they're just not unlike that of Marillion and those of Fish respectively. And while I hate any wannabe-ism, I must admit that Ultime Atome is the only Marillion-wannabe band whose music I like (and I like it very much). In other words, Ultime Atome can easily be regarded as the very first real clone of Marillion, especially since their music is by all means on par with that of Marillion, except for the great "Brave", of course. (As for the difference between "clone" and "imitation", my comprehension of these things is expounded in one of the Key Reviews and may be known by reading >it. These French guys had a clear idea of what they want to from the outset. Having had big ideas to become on par with their idols in every aspect, they've accomplished that task as successfully as >Xitizen Cain. However, a clone of Marillion is not the same as a clone of Genesis, so it would be irrational to rate this album with more than five stars.

Conclusion. There is no need to be a prophet to foretell that "Dark Visions" will have a really huge popularity. Furthermore, I think it will be such a great popularity that none of the other bands influenced by Marillion ever had. I only hope that, like the same Marillion, Ultime Atome will be able to continue their creation with a more original style and, perhaps (who knows!), become the most influential band of the 2000s.

VM: July 21, 2003

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