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The Seventh Ring Of Saturn - 2015 - "Ormythology"

(28:26, ‘Nusrat’)


The US project THE SEVENTH RING OF SATURN (TSROS hereinafter) first appeared back in 2007 with their self-titled debut album. In the years following this they have appeared as contributors on a number of compilations of various kinds until 2015, when they released their second studio production "Ormythology". Like with their initial album, it was released on the Nasrut label, which, I presume, is the band's own. TSROS resides safely within what one might describe as the retro-oriented musical universe, and in this case with the sights firmly aimed towards the ‘60s. Not as much progressive rock as it is an example of one of the styles that influenced it, in this case psychedelic rock. Light and elegant garage rock of the ‘60s variety is the foundation of most of what's going on here. On an album with merely two original songs that may not perhaps be a quality sign, although in this case the greater majority of the songs covered originate in Greece and Turkey, and won't be material too many people of the Anglo-Saxon world, may be all that familiar with. The core sound of the band is a light and elegant variety of garage rock, as mentioned, and a recurring feature in the band's own compositions, appears to be a certain fascination with the light and easygoing pop/rock of the ‘60s as well, in particular noticeable in the vocal passages. In addition to that this is band rather fond of psychedelic guitar sounds and solo runs, and it appears that their main preference is to use and explore a sharp and at times crispy sounding guitar sound for that very purpose. The aforementioned cover songs are by and large instrumental excursions, where certain exotic sounds and choices of tonal range define much of the spirit of these tracks. Plucked, sitar-oriented guitar details are recurring features in these, creating what at least for someone born and raised in the western hemispheres appears as an exotic, mystical presence. And a characteristic detail in just about all the songs throughout is subtle, toned down cosmic effects, adding a touch of space rock to the proceedings. The three to four minute format is perfect for songs of this kind. They aren't the most complex of creations, instead relying heavily on mood, atmosphere and sharp, psychedelic oriented instrument details to create tension, with a solid bass-line and steady rhythms driving the songs onward. This band has found its niche at what it does. TSROS is a band that, to my knowledge, is still fairly obscure, even among fans of psychedelic rock. A fate they share with many other contemporary bands, sadly. Still, those with an interest in that type of music, and find the notion of an album exploring the music that was among the most sophisticated around before progressive rock was developed, should find "Ormythology" to be a tasty morsel of music indeed.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: January 25, 2017

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