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Toxic Heart - 2012 - "Trailerpark Show"

(23:29, ‘Toxic Heart’)


For some reason or other artists will sometimes submit material to this website that is well beyond the scope of what we normally cover, as is the case with Toxic Heart, who sent us their latest EP "Trailerpark Show", despite knowing that we are oriented towards progressive rock. What we're dealing here is actually blues based hard rock with metal tinges at the core of the matter, with a constant energetic, pace-filled fluctuating melodic guitar overlay, of the kind normally performed on the banjo in country music and bluegrass. Lead vocals and vocal harmonies come with a country orientation too. Add in some southern oriented brass bursts and rather frequent use of lap steel and slide guitar, and we're basically listening to country hard rock. Very well made and charming admittedly, and as I normally don't like country related music at all that should say a lot about the end result. Country hard rock as one envisions it is made in the very heartland of USA is what Toxic Heart offers up on "Trailerpark Show". A very well made specimen of its kind, and if this Slovenian band should ever want to apply for a US citizenship, submitting this EP should go a long way in aiding that process.

Olav M Bjornsen: July 19, 2012

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