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Progressive Years:
The Bests Of The Bests By The Eyes Of Progressor

2009: Top 20 Albums

1.Black Sabbath (H&H) "The Devil You Know"
2.Kotebel "Ouroboros"
3.Candlemass "Death Magic Doom"
4.Porcupine Tree "The Incident"
5.IQ "Frequency"
6.Exivious "Exivious"
7.Miriodor "Avanti"
8.Forgas Band Phenomena "L’Axe du Fou"
9.The Psychedelic Ensemble "The Art of Madness"
10.Hackett, Steve "Out of the Tunnel's Mouth"
11.Zevious "After the Air Raid"
12.Simon Steensland "Fat Again"
13.Mirthkon "Vehicle"
14.Masal "Galgal"
15.Cheer-Accident "Fear Draws Misfortune"
16.Deluge Grander "The Form of the Good"
17.Beyond Infinity "Mother Earth"
18.Planeta Imaginario "Biomasa"
19.Gosta Berlings Saga "Dette Har Hant"
20.Apogee "Mystery Remains"