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The Lemon Clocks - 2012 - "Now Is the Time"

(51:44, Jam Recordings)


1.  Garden of Eden 1:48
2.  Rainbow Bridge 8:27
3.  Life Is Like a Dream 4:09
4.  The Man Who Lost The Time 2:58
5.  The Bright Side 2:50
6.  Catch You When You Fall 2:25
7.  Built to Last 3:45
8.  Now Is the Time 3:10
9.  Gum On My Shoe 3:23
10. Not Your Puppet 2:54
11. What a Beautiful Morning 3:07
12. Better World Beyond 9:51
13. Lemon Clock Land 2:57


Jeremy Morris  vocals; guitars, bass; keyboards; drums
Stefan Johansson  vocals; guitars, bass; keyboards
Todd Borsch  vocals; guitars, bass

Prolusion. The multinational trio THE LEMON CLOCKS cites 2009 as their year of formation, and is regarded as something of a super-group amongst fans of certain types of psychedelic music, as members Stefan Johansson, Jeremy Morris and Todd Borsch all are well established names in that scene. "Now Is the Time" is their debut album, and was released through Jam Records in 2012.

Analysis. Personally I'll have to admit that I'm very familiar with the members of this trio, except for prolific artist Jeremy Morris that is, this veteran US musician one of those guys that tends to release multiple full length albums each and every year. By and large I'd describe this disc as one fairly typical of Jeremy Morris too, as it does explore landscapes he and his fans should be very much familiar with and in a fairly familiar manner too. Light in tone and more often than not mood as well, The Lemon Clocks have set their sight firmly and steadily back in time on this production. The vast majority of the songs revolve around a fairly similar structure too, which isn't unusual for projects involving Jeremy. Steady, competent rhythms supplemented nicely and firmly by bass guitar form the foundation of these songs, with acoustic rhythm guitars further emphasizing both the rhythm aspect as well as establishing a basic melodic motif alongside the bass guitar. Plucked resonating guitar licks on top, supplemented with or alternating with piano, Mellotron, slide guitar or psychedelic guitar solo details cater for the subtler part of the melodies explored, with lead vocals and vocal harmonies further emphasizing that aspect. Subtle alterations in instrumentation and intensity cater for variety, with the most uptempo compositions generally vibrant and uplifting in spirit, while the slower ones have more of a melancholic tinge to them. Well made affairs all, never uninteresting and more often than not enticing and enjoyable. Two longer tracks, Rainbow Bridge and Better World Beyond, take on a slightly different style. The former is a psychedelic and space rock inspired affair with hypnotic qualities that invite associations towards the likes of Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, the latter arguably more early Floydian in nature with its psych drenched opening, followed by a sparse acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals theme that steadily builds in intensity by including psychedelic elements one by one, with an array of psych-dripping guitar solos replacing the vocals in the second half prior to concluding on frail cosmic synths and a brief dramatic psyched out instrument surge. Final track Lemon Clock Land also warrants a special mention, three minutes of psyched out rhythms, effects and guitar reverbs that should be a true delight for those into landscapes of a more freaked out nature.

Conclusion. A few described exceptions aside, The Lemon Clocks debut album "Now Is the Time" is a CD that will please existing fans of Jeremy Morris. Compositions light in tone and spirit, with Jeremy's trademark lead vocals and vocal harmonies placed on top of positive instrument arrays that look towards the likes of The Beatles and Electric Light Orchestra as possible points of origin, and thus should appeal to fans of those bands, especially those among them with a taste for psychedelic rock.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: September 19, 2013
The Rating Room

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