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These Curious Thoughts - 2011 - "Let's See what 2moro Brings"

(32:29, Viaduct Records)


1.  The Good Times 3:01
2.  Dilated Pupils 3:22
3.  Care in the Community 3:44
4.  Beautiful Thing Called Life 3:15
5.  World of Pain 2:25
6.  Spit 2:28
7.  There's Shark in This Fishbowl 2:57
8.  Swimming in Glue 3:01
9.  Rainbows 2:50
10. Let's See What 2moro Brings 5:26


Sean Dunlop  vocals; all instruments

Prolusion. The US-based project THESE CURIOUS THOUGHTS (TCT hereinafter) is a curious one, a transatlantic cooperation between US composer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Dunlop and UK lyricist Jamie Radford. This partnership has seen Radford inspire Dunlop into recording four full-length albums so far, of which "Let's See what 2moro Brings" from 2011 is the third.

Analysis. It's fascinating to witness how modern technology enables creative minds to find each other when obstacles such as distance and national borders can be disregarded. There are quite a few examples of bona fide projects creating music by sending files back and forth, projects depending on current technology to create and release their music. TCT isn't at that level, as their form of cooperation might as well have existed before we had internet and broadband. I do surmise that the ability to stay constantly in touch has given their arrangement a more personal and intimate nature than what they might have accomplished 20 years ago, though, and that their working relationship may be a tad closer than their chosen description reveals. Be that as it may be, the end result of this partnership is a curious collection of material. Not too progressive in nature actually, with indie or alternative as my main associations in terms of style, but certainly material that merits a description as sophisticated. Mostly laid back in nature, often touching base with a soft rock approach, the 10 compositions are rather straightforward affairs compositionally: steady rhythms as the backbone, distinct instrumental lead motifs and staying put within one or two central themes throughput. The overall mood and spirit tend to be positive, with a slight sheen of melancholy hovering in the shadows, and as far as artist associations go REM and U2 are names that appeared often in my mind, with a couple of cases that made me throw the Allman Brothers into the mix. Always dampened in expression however, and featuring refined arrangements. Layers of instrumental details are a common feature, and Dunlop seems to be rather fond of digital strings and organ utilized as symphonic backdrops, almost ever present, in fact. Details that add a level of refinement to this material, although not to the extent that it will find its place within the art rock universe, hovering somewhere around the borderline with the occasional visit inside perhaps. Not quite distinct enough to make a grand impression to my ears, but well worked out and well performed music that easily makes it into the pleasant music category, and most likely a minor revelation for a specific niche

Conclusion. "Let's See what 2moro Brings" isn't a production that will appeal to the dedicated progressive rock fan. But those with an interest in sophisticated pop and refined mellow rock music might want to investigate this act. And while rather different in scope and style, I suspect that those who enjoy later day Madness and REM might be something of a key audience.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: April 15, 2012
The Rating Room

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