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Synopsis (Estonia) - 1986/2000 - "Synopsis"
(45 min, "Boheme Music" / "Melodiya")



1 Masks (N.Blumberg)                5.13

2 Grotto (I.Garsnek)                5.25

3 Minstrel (I.Garsnek)              3.10

4 Mediative Landscape (I.Garsnek)   6.25

5 The Snake King (I.Garsnek)        6.04

6 Loneliness (N.Blumberg, R.Vaigla) 6.41

7 Romantic Ballad (I.Garsnek)       4.02

8 Nezucke (N.Blumberg)              5.36


Igor Garsnek - keyboards, synth-bass, programming

Nevil Blumberg - guitars, percussions, vocoder,


Valdeko Puulinn - recorder (3,5)

Raul Vaigla - bass (6)

K.Saarma - sequencer (5)

Synopsis was the one-shot collaborative project formed by the two musicians-friends Igor Garsnek and Nevil Blumberg whose further joint work have been continued some time later in the known Estonian Prog-band named Ruja. Before it, Igor Garsnek, however, had time to release his only, as far as I know, solo-album "Animal Farm". (Actually, Igor released it in the same year of 1986, and you can read the review on this album here; "Animal Farm", as well as "Synopsis", was re-released on CD also by the Russian "Boheme" label, though just lately.) Unlike "Animal Farm", "Synopsis" hasn't any vocal parts at all and, thus (or 'progressively' speaking), it contains (of course) much more instrumental arrangements than Garsnek's solo Rock-Oratorio (that was performed on "Animal Farm" owned by the writer George Orwell) in which generally too little place for more or less large-scaled instrumental parts. Stylistically, "Synopsis" represents a traditional on the whole yet distinctly original in this exact case approach to creating an instrumental album of Classic (Symphonic) Rock. Being not too complex and, at the same time, by no means accessible, all pieces that feature the "Synopsis" album turned out to be moderately complex quality instrumentals. Each of them has quite enough place so that both musicians could demonstrate their capabilities to solo long and masterly alone and together as well. There are approximately the equal number of single keyboard and guitar solos to accompaniment of the other instruments and variegated interplays between both the soloists as well on the album. Obviously, the duo sounds the most rich, colourful and effective way when both the musicians work solo simultaneously. In other words, exactly those arrangements that led by the so called interplays are the most interesting things on "Synopsis". Compositionally, this album has everything to rate it as excellent. As for "instrumentally", it's an old story. Using the manual keyboard-based synth-bass along with the drum-machine could never replace live musicians in the history of music. The same 'old story' is actual even nowadays - in the beginning of third millenium. What's more, it seems this 'old story' is actually eternal. Don't you think so? Then try to read "Senses of Prog" (Senses of Music!) seriously and attentively.

VM. July 21, 2001


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