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Slaves To Fashion - 2009 - "Slaves To Fashion"

(10:06, 'FishFarm')


SLAVES TO FASHION is the new moniker for the Norwegian act Pedestrians of Blue, which issued a critically well-received album back in 2007. While preparing their first full length album under their new name they've issued a three-track EP as a promise of things to come. And, if this production is anything to go by, they are preparing an album with three pretty different types of compositions. The first of these is simple, basic and groovy melodic rock tunes aimed at an FM radio audience Mrs. Hero is a good example of such a song. Left Out in the Cold is a hard rock number with some neat style variations thrown in for good measure and another catchy chorus segment. The third and last style explored comes courtesy of Out of Here, an intriguing affair where skilled use of toned down echoing riffs underscoring a fragile melodic setting with guitar and piano results in a mystical (dark and mellow), almost ambient atmosphere. The main negative aspect of this album is the basic compositional structure; quite a few fans of progressive rock don't care too much for the standard verse and chorus approach. Only those who don't mind should find this production to be worthwhile checking out.

OMB: December 6, 2009

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