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Soft Hearted Scientists - 2013 - "False Lights"

(56:33; The Hip Replacement)


Released in 2013, ‘False Lights’ was both the third and fifth album from the Welshmen (who by now had extended to a quintet with the addition of drummer Frank Naughton) as although it was only their third album of all new- material they had already released a compilation of EP’s plus one of demo recordings. This album saw the band move into a slightly different direction as it wasn’t as whimsical as some of their earlier works, and they were also expanding the musical sounds they were using, while the use of a drummer (deliberately sparingly it must be said) also made changes to what we were hearing. It is also darker and somewhat more considered, but any group which is using the sounds of an accordion can never be taken too seriously. This is again very much acoustic based, but this contains far more of a progressive aspect and songs such as the title track owe a great deal to early Pink Floyd and has obviously been influenced by "Pow R. Toc H.", although this contains vocals. The music of “Golgatha” is more powerful, and somewhat slower, and one listens to the subject matter which includes references Nagasaki and Gestapo among others, one feels the band are putting out quite a statement. They have moved on without ever losing touch with their roots, and I can see how this album would have gained them many new fans without alienating any who had been with them since the early days. Fans of the Canterbury Scene, psychedelia, folk and pop really need to discover this band if they haven’t already.

Progtector: July 2020

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