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Snake Eye (France) - 2003 - "Wild Senses"
(38 min, Brennus - a division of Musea)

Track List:
1. Countdown To Midnight 3:26
2. Downtown 4:28
3. Restless 4:28
4. Faith 3:45
5. Tears In My Eyes 4:22
6. Now 4:57
7. Hope 4:24
8. Make My Day 4:28
9. Kids of America 4:15

All music: by Alexander Rankovic & Milojevic, except
6 to 8: by Alexander Rankovic,
9: by R., M., & K. Wildes (from Kim Wilde's repertoir).

All lyrics: by Milojevic, except
9: by R. & K. Wildes.


Boban Milojevic - lead vocals
Michael - guitars; backing vocals
Xavier - guitars; backing vocals
Rickey - basses; backing vocals
Dom - drums; backing vocals

Produced by Snake Eye.
Engineered by Rouslan 'Tsar' at "Liberty Rock" St.

Preamble. "Wild Senses" is the debut album by the French band Snake Eye.

The Album. Well, well, well... The American band It plays a kind of Classic Hard Rock of British / European school, while the French outfit Snake Eye plays Hard Rock of an American school. As well as in the case of the album by the same band, It, there are no instrumentals on "Wild Senses", and one of the songs on the album is a ballad. This is Faith (4), and it sounds much in the vein of Bon Jovi. With the exception of the album's closing track, Kids of America (9), which is a cover of the eponymous song of one of the best (IMHO) female performers in the history of pop music, Kim Wilde, all seven of the remaining songs are good overall. Though while listening to them, sometimes, I had an impression that I am hearing the Kip Winger Band with a different singer. Certainly, most of the songs on the album are of a romantically optimistic character, and lots of 'happy' backing vocals echo a lead singer on each refrain, and there are lots of them on each song here.

Summary. Among dozens of France's Prog-Metal and Metal bands that I've heard, Snake Eye looks like a real rara avis. I am not a lover of American-school Hard Rock and, thus, it is impossible for me to fall in love with "Wild Senses". Nevertheless, I'll try to rate this opus as objectively as possible.

VM: March 4, 2003

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