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Scenario (Italy) - 2000 - "A Fearful Symmetry"
(46 min, "Musea")



1. Time Vacuity 6:24

   (Marcheggiani, Fittipaldi / Fittipaldi)

2. The Fall 5:38

   (Fittipaldi / D'Alessio)

3. I'm Not Insane 5:03

   (Marcheggiani, Fittipaldi / Fittipaldi, D'Alessio)

4. My Pride 5:13

   (Marcheggiani / Marcheggiani)

5. Message 4:20

   (Fittipaldi, Marcheggiani / D'Alessio) 

6. Godot's Arrival:

   (Fittipaldi, Marcheggiani / Fittipaldi)

   a) The Arrival 5:09

   b) In This Scenario 3:04

   c) The Cracking Point 3:42

7. Tin Soldier 7:19

   (Fittipaldi, Marcheggiani / Fittipaldi)

All songs arranged & produced by Scenario.


Filippo Marcheggiani

- guitars, backing vocals

Heric Fittipaldi

- keyboards, backing vocals

Claudio Leuti

- bass, backing vocals

Alessandro Beccatti

- drums & percussion, backing vocals

Tony D'Alessio

- lead vocals

Recorded by Simone Angelini

at "ACME" studio, Rome, Italy.

Mixed by Salvatore Salierno

at "Zapping Sound" studio.

Prologue. As far as I know, "A Fearful Symmetry" is the debut album by Scenario. I have never heard about this band until now. In that way, I can't provide a proper introduction to the creation of Scenario.

The Album. Musically, all four of the first songs on the album represent nothing else but a clone of the most influential band within the framework of Neo Prog-Metal. You're quite right if you guess that all of the instrumental arrangements, as well as vocals, on the album's first four songs are not unlike those in the music of Dream Theater. In other words, working in the certain vein of Dream Theater, the members of Scenario do it being on par with their idols regarding both of the compositional and performing skills. (If you've forgotten my view on a clone and imitation, you can read one of the key reviews Clones, Clowns, Strangetudes once again.) In short, unlike any of the wannabees, I appreciate the bands that are able to be like their idols by every parameter, despite the fact that I by no means love all of the most influential bands. Well, while the first three tracks on "A Fearful Symmetry" demonstrate the "heavy" achievements of Dream Scenario, My Pride (track 4) is an Italian Scenario-based Dreaming ballad. The first fruits of the guys' own ideas appear on Message (track 5). For the most part, this song consists of symphonic structures. Stylistically, it can be described as powerful Symphonic Neo Art-Rock, which, on the whole, isn't typical for Dream Theater. Both of the album's last tracks are free from influences almost entirely. Epic and monolithic, Godot's Arrival is just conditionally divided into three parts. In fact, original, complex and diverse arrangements, filled with the kaleidoscopic changes of tone and mood, continue nonstop throughout this 12-minute epic. Although, unlike all of the previous tracks, there aren't many vocal parts on Godot's Arrival; Tony D'Alessio sings here originally and very diversely. Consisting mostly of the "weighted" symphonic structures, both Godot's Arrival and the 7-minute Tin Soldier, represent a real Classic Progressive Rock, but not a blend of Classic and Neo, which is typical for the majority of the other tracks on the album.

Summary. All of the gigantic army of Dream Theater fans and a lot of the likes will undoubtedly be pleased with the contents of the debut Scenario album "A Fearful Symmetry" (is this kind of a deliberate counterpoint to a "Perfect Symmetry" of Fates Warning?). This reviewer, however, will wait for the second album by the band: I hope these young Italians guys weren't wrong while searching for a more original style, as it was in the case of the last two tracks on the album.

VM. January 23, 2002

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