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Retsam Suriv - 2014 - "Danger"

(54:13, Azafran Media / Musea Records)


1.  Alto Voltaje 7:24
2.  Nuevos Tiempos 4:43
3.  09:15 11:58
4.  Siento 9:55
5.  Amenazas De Un Final 8:07
6.  Un Mondo Differente 9:15
7.  Transicion Final: Danger 2:51


Cristian Del Giorgio – keyboards 
Vilma Del Giorgio – vocals 
Miguel Carrasco – guitars 
Javier Fraccione – drums 
Charly Palermo – bass 

Prolusion. RETSAM SURIV is an Argentinian band with a history going back to 2002, revolving around the creative partnership of Vilma and Christian Del Giorgio. They released their debut album “Exegesys” back in 2009, and following a 5-year long break as recording artists they returned with "Danger", a CD which was released through Azafran Media and Musea Records in 2014.

Analysis. Retsam Suriv's debut album got a somewhat mixed reception when it was released, first and foremost due to what was described by some as a sub par mix and production. Those who recall the band for that reason should be satisfied to hear that this aspect has been improved on this occasion, and while this will never be regarded as a must hear production for audiophiles due to some weaknesses still present, the technical aspects of this album are acceptable this time around. The sound is a bit closed in sounding, but well balanced, and with the lead vocals mixed a tad too low the main feature with something of a slight detrimental effect. In terms of music, this is a band that resides on the borders between symphonic progressive rock and progressive metal. In terms of direct comparisons I guess classic Dream Theater is the band that comes first to mind, but while the arrangements and structures have many similar aspects, the overall sound and intensity are a tad closer to rock than metal in general. Occasional more intense riff sections, alongside shredding style solo runs from both keyboards and guitars, are the main aspects that will be familiar for a progressive metal oriented crowd here. Medium to long compositions, sporting multiple and recurring themes, often alternating between mellow and more intense arrangements, is basically the brief summary of the contents at hand. Delicate wandering piano and careful guitar dominated arrangements sit side by side with smooth guitar riff and keyboard driven sequences, more intense flurries with dramatic keyboard or guitar soloing come and go, occasionally with both coming together in a more driven, shred quality dual solo passage. Majestic dark guitar riff and rich keyboard textures constructions are a recurring feature throughout as well, and we're also treated to the occasional classic guitar and organ combination here. The songs ebb and flow in a neat and elegant manner, and the powerful vocals of lead vocalist Vilma Del Giorgio fit the sound and style of this band very well indeed.

Conclusion. "Danger" comes across as a solid production on most level, with a few subtle weaknesses in the mix and production department just about the only features that have a slight detrimental effect. Otherwise this is a well made and well executed album of music that hovers on the edge between symphonic progressive rock and progressive metal, and while perhaps not the most challenging stuff around it is a solid production, and one that should appeal quite nicely to those who enjoy their symphonic progressive rock just as much as their vintage-style progressive metal, and in particular those amongst that crowd with an affection for powerful female lead vocals.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: February 17, 2015
The Rating Room

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