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Retrovertigo - 2005 - "Idejala Esta Triste"

(62 min, Musea)

TRACK LIST:                             

1.  Mi Padre 6:51
2.  La Esperanzadora 4:11
3.  Tres Meses 2:04
4.  No Puedo 9:49
5.  Mi Dulce 7:10
6.  Siete Meses 1:35
7.  Intermitente 10:57
8.  Idejala Esta Triste 7:50
9.  Nueve Meses 1:43
10. Ultimo Noviembra 6:37
11. La Violenta 3:35

All tracks: by Garban.
Produced by Retrovertigo.


Alexei Garban - guitars; vocals
Daniel Arreaza - drums
David Fotaina - bass
Fernando Bolano - keyboards

Prolusion. RETROVERTIGO is a new group from Venezuela (pretty stupid name). "Idejala Esta Triste" is their first release.

Analysis. Well, this album is 62-minute in length and features eleven tracks, only one of which, Intermitente, contains vocals. The CD press kit says: "Slowness, sadness, and darkness are the key words to describe this music, while stylistically, it's somewhere between avant-garde, progressive, gothic and new music". King Crimson and Shub-Niggurath are mentioned as the points of comparisons. What nonsense! This music is so uninspired that it's most often impossible to recognize the mood reigning here or there, though on some of the tracks, it's just absent. Regarding the others, I would say that they're more romantic than dark in character, but with a great reservation. The point is that any definitions in this case should be used with the prefix of "pseudo", at best "a-la". More. This music is based almost exclusively on rhythms and is so simple that none of the said definitions, not to mention the comparisons, is really apt in regarding it. This is a pseudo gothic, pseudo progressive stuff, and of course, there is nothing avant-garde here and not even solos as such. All the tracks, most of which are pretty long, as you can see above, contain only three, at best four, themes, slowly changing one to another, to be repeated again and again and over, ad nauseam. Except for the drummer, who brings some diversity to the stuff, these guys aren't able to play anything but chords. The keyboards are present only on half of the tracks and play mainly a supporting role, if only it's possible to talk of any support here in general. So what is it all about? It's just Punk Rock with elements of pseudo Art-Rock on all of the tracks and those of a-la Doom Metal on some of them.

Conclusion. Retrovertigo performs an incredibly boring and completely tasteless music. Muzak is the word. I am shocked that such trash was released on my favorite progressive label, Musea Records.

VM: June 1, 2005

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