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Quantum Fantay - 2015 - "Dancing in Limbo"

(44:50, Progressive Promotion Records)


1.  Nimbo 11:11
2.  Rimboe 11:12
3.  Cacimbo 11:13
4.  Limbo 11:14


Pete Mush  synthesizers 
Gino Bartolini  drums 
Tom Tas  guitars 
Jaro  bass 
Charles Sla  flute 
Ed Wynne  guitars 
Dario Frodo  guitars 
Karel Baetens  bongo, conga, darbuka

Prolusion. The Belgian band QUANTUM FANTAY was formed in 2004 by Pete Mush and Jaro, and has been an active band unit ever since. They released their debut album in 2005, and since then, half a dozen studio albums and a couple of live albums have appeared. "Dancing in Limbo" is their latest studio album, released in the fall of 2015 by the German label Progressive Promotion Records.

Analysis. Progressive rock has strong ties with many other types of music, be it specific styles or certain approaches into the art of making music. Quantum Fantay is a band that touches upon numerous such external influences, yet also retaining a style and a sound that is undeniably progressive rock. The most important aspects of their all-instrumental material is that it comes across as improvisational, and on a secondary note, there are certain details here and there that point towards as different types of music as tribal folk music and, albeit not all that prevalent on this occasion, reggae, dub and house, all of this and more explored within the general framework of space rock. Ozric Tentacles made the blueprints for this particular take on space rock, and Quantum Fantay continues to follow it fairly closely. The compositions here are a case of all different yet all the same, mainly using similar types of instrumental textures on all songs, but with a subtle specific focus separating one song from the other. The compositions alternate between gentler passages, at times dream-laden to the point of being ambient, with keyboards and electronics as dominating instruments, and harder edged, faster-paced sections with guitar riffs, guitar solo runs and keyboard arrangements combined to form vibrant and at times majestic atmospheres. Sequencers, electronic effects and futuristic sounds further flesh out the arrangements creating a finely flowing, otherworldly atmosphere. The ebb and flow motions of the compositions come across as generally appealing, and often the band manages to create truly compelling sections that captivate the mind easily and maintain attention throughout. That Ozric Tentacles main man Ed Wynne makes a guest contribution is something you'll probably have to read the liner notes to catch, which perhaps says something about just how close to the originals that Quantum Fantay may operate at times. It's good and well made music though, so while there's perhaps nothing really new or innovative that has been brought to the table, this is still good and worthwhile music, at least for those who tend to enjoy music of this specific nature.

Conclusion. Instrumental space rock with a strong feeling of improvised features and a liberal array of nods towards musical styles outside of the purebred progressive rock spectrum is what Quantum Fantay provides us on their latest CD "Dancing in Limbo". They draw upon the legacy and foundation established by Ozric Tentacles in a compelling and rather appealing manner, and come across as a band that should have a strong appeal among those who treasure the sound of the Ozrics and other artists exploring similar and related musical territories first and foremost.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: June 16, 2016
The Rating Room

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