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Puzzle - 2015 - “Puzzle"

(49:27; Lynx Music)


Here we have a Polish band who arguably are based mostly in jazz yet actually bring in funk at times, pop at others, and even some prog rock at others, which may well have something to do with the guitarist. The band comprise Karolina Teernstra (vocals), Marta Molodynska (keyboards), Piotr Plonka (guitars, who is of course a member of the wonderful Millenium), Piotr “Mazur” Mazurkiewicz (bass, ex-Millenium), Tomek Drabik (saxophone) and Slawek Puka (drums). Lynx Music have a reputation of finding great artists and releasing albums worth discovering, and given Millenium are a mainstay for the label it is no surprise to find this being released on there, but to be honest this is such a delightful release any label would be pleased to have it. Many of the songs are based around the clean piano of Marta as she accompanies and provides the backdrop for Karolina who has a beautiful tone. She can provide an edge or be clear and sweet, always giving the right expression for the message she wishes to convey. Depending on the material, there may be multi-layered harmonies, or the sax could be taking a major part and on “Malo siebie” there are no guitars or bass at all, and just a gentle kick drum from Slawek. A few of the songs are in English, the rest being in Polish, but the warmth and joy contained within means there is no need to actually understand the words and instead just relax back into some wonderful music. Unfortunately the name they have chosen is of course incredibly common which makes it quite hard to discover much about them, but sadly I believe this 2015 release is the only one they released so am not sure if they are still active. Whether they are or not, this 2015 release is well worth looking out for as the performances are really nice, and the sympathetic arrangements and production really let the listener in. 3

Progtector: May 2023

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