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Procession - 2007 - "Procession"


Following the eponymous Rule 29 CD from 2003, American multi-instrumentalist and composer David Harrington presents his second solo creation (7 tracks / 32 min), although now under the moniker of PROCESSION. A kind of one-man orchestra, David still amazes me with his deep knowledge of Classical and Neoclassical music, his excellent command of several various chamber instruments and his capability to use counterpoint melodies all alike. Unlike the "Rule 29" album however, this one is noticeably less rich in dissonances and is generally somewhat less adventurous. The addition of drums to the arrangement has inevitably assured the appearance of a rock component in the music, which is still basically chamber in character, though there are elements of quasi Jazz-Fusion to be found in places as well. This time around, it is piano that appears to be the most consistent soloing force, more often sharing the lead with the flute than with the other instruments heralded. The cello, in turn, more frequently comes to the fore as a third voice than the clarinet. So, what the listener gets on this recording is, overall, classically-inspired Chamber Rock (whose both brightest and best example would be the longest piece Attack of the Twelve-Tone Rows), at times approaching Symphonic Progressive in construction, yet not in sound, which lacks some essential ingredients. In any event, this is an excellent album, but not a masterwork, despite the striking uniqueness of the music itself; hence no exclamation mark in the rating. According to Mr. Harrington, he plans to engage some top progressive musicians in his native city of Chicago to bring "Procession" on stage, which promises to become a really fully-fledged embodiment of the great prog-rock design which David has outlined on this disc.

VM: June 13, 2007

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