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Process - 2012 - "Through Acknowledegment Only"

(30:19, ‘Process’)


1.  Detached From Life 4:53
2.  Scars Remain 2:44
3.  Fatality 2:59
4.  Through Acknowledgement Only 3:37
5.  Human Sacrifice 5:11
6.  Reason to Resist 3:36
7.  Turning Pale 3:15
8.  Layers of Deception 4:04


Lennarth Christensen – vocals 
Paul Thomassen - bass, vocals
Jonas Thygesen – drums 
Mario Mrsic – guitars 
Anders Pedersen – guitars 

Prolusion. The Danish band PROCESS has apparently been around for a good few number of years, but apart from a few demo tapes back in the 1990's they have never released any material. "Through Acknowledgment Only" is their self-released debut, and was officially available from 2012.

Analysis. This Danish band explores a type of music I haven't really been in touch with for some time. This is metal, of the loud and in your face kind that in my youth generally was referred to as extreme metal. As I haven't explored this type of music for some 20 years at the time of writing, I'll have to admit that I'm rather clueless as to the developments of that part of the metal scene in the years that have gone by. Still, if this disc is a documentation on that, it would appear that the major developments have taken place on a fairly detailed and subtle level, as this music by and large isn't radically different from some of the bands I remember from my teens, like the US band Possessed for instance. Having said that, this isn't a disc that reeks of the occult and other dark tendencies like the aforementioned band, nor is Process as brutal in their expression. But there are similarities: staccato, frantic, grinding riff patterns, intense drum patterns and dark, raspy shouted vocals. Loud and intense material through and through, but with a few details that add a subtle atmosphere of sophistication to the proceedings. Clever use of impact riffs, subtle melodic riff overlays and guitar soloing generally sticking to a melodic delivery rather than merely breakneck scale runs all add a slightly softer touch to the proceedings, and the chorus parts give room for powerful, clean melodic lead vocals too. The aforementioned drum patterns are fairly sophisticated in nature too, at least when seen in the context of a band exploring the borderlands between thrash metal and (old school) death metal.

Conclusion. While not coming across as a product of superior quality in any department to my ears, I found Process to be a pleasant visit from the realm of what was formerly described as extreme metal. The music is loud and intense, the instrumentalists are good and the vocals of decent quality for the harsh and melodic parts alike. Not a disc that will find its way into any history books, but if you're in the mood for loud, intense and well made music residing somewhere between thrash metal and old school death metal in style, this one should fulfill that need. Especially if you don't mind some subtle melodic tendencies in between the staccato, grinding riffs.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: Agst 20, 2013
The Rating Room

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