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Aldo Pinelli - 2013 - "Suite Italiana"

(42:47, Lizard Records)


1.  Una Notte a Treviso 2:59
2.  Aquel Tiempo del Verano 1:42
3.  Las Nubes y Las Sierras 2:44
4.  El Castillo Interior 2:27
5.  El Combate de Obligado 3:12
6.  Hojas Secas 2:08
7.  El Algarrobo Abuelo 2:12
8.  Misterios del Mediterraneo 3:59
9.  Encuentro Posible Entre Piazzolla Y Fripp 5:00
10. Roma 4:23
11. Firenze 2:59
13. Venezia 6:01
14. Famiglia Furlan 2:59


Aldo Pinelli  guitars, bass; keyboards; percussion; vocals
Silvia Pratolongo  percussion 
Roberto Sambrizzi  drums 
Paula Dolcera  cello 

Prolusion. Argentinian composer and musician Aldo PINELLI is arguably most well known for being one of the main members of the Argentinean band Habitat, a constellation that has been an active recording unit for just over 15 years at this point. But in the last few years Pinelli has also established a solo career, starting with "Una Seleccion de Vieja Canciones" from 2007. "Suite Italiana" is Pinelli's fourth solo production, and was released through the Italian label Lizard Records in 2013.

Analysis. While Pinelli's long ongoing band has made a name for itself releasing material within a neo progressive and arguably also classic symphonic progressive rock tradition, as a solo artist Pinelli has chosen to explore rather different realms altogether. While there are traces of progressive rock here and there, this album isn't at all residing within such a frame of reference. It does share occasional similarities as far as likely inspiring source material is concerned, but the end result is more often than not fairly far removed from such a context. The majority of the compositions on this disc don't do all that much for me. Many of them feature Pinelli's vocals, which are nice enough, but lacking in the qualities to elevate the total impression of a song to a higher level. In terms of the compositions themselves, they never manage to capture the imagination in any vivid manner. Instead we're treated to many fine, dampened, but ultimately pleasant songs that don't truly manage to excel in any department, as far as I'm concerned. We have sparse folk-music oriented escapades, chamber music-tinged creations with a richer sound and arrangement, and on occasion these aspects do come together as well. But there are high points to take note of, too, especially in the second half of this album. Misterios del Mediterraneo is one of them, a brilliant little piece of music most certainly contains mystical-sounding elements that give this creation a strong and distinct presence. Many progressive rock enthusiasts will also find Encuentro Posible Entre Piazzolla Y Fripp to be an interesting experience too, presumably, with its tango-meets-progressive rock framework, finely and intriguingly explored and executed. The three part Suite Italiana is another highlight, the Baroque-inspired elements in its mid-section sounding highly compelling.

Conclusion. Aldo Pinelli's solo album "Suite Italiana" finds this composer and musician exploring rather different musical territories than what he does with his band Habitat. Delicate, sparsely arranged compositions, referencing classical music and folk music, are the focus on this production, with material relying on mood, atmosphere and presumably a deeper interest in this specific kind of music to be able to fascinate. But if you do have a soft spot for this kind of music, as well as a general interest in progressive rock, then "Suite Italiana" is a production that merits an inspection.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: February 1, 2015
The Rating Room

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