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Osanna - 2012 - "Rosso Rock"

(43:10, MaRaCash Records)


The Italian band OSANNA was originally active back in the 70's, releasing three heralded albums in the first half of the decade and a sole production in 1978 before entering a 20 years long hiatus. "Rosso Rock Live in Japan" documents the current incarnation of the band performing their second album live in Japan, and was released in 2012 by MaRaCach Records. Supplementing the concert are three bonus tracks, two of which were previously unreleased. The concert itself is a high quality rendition of 1972's "Milano Calibro 9", documenting nicely that this movie soundtrack is vital also as a standalone musical experience. A vital run through an accessible variety of 70's symphonic progressive rock, elevated by the sheer force of Lino Vairetti's lead vocals and an excellent contribution by the Tokyo Vielle Ensemble on strings. The brief but highly effective Posizione Raggiunta is my personal highlight, 90 seconds of compelling jazz developing into a majestic symphonic art rock finale. Otherwise I was captivated by the sheer joy and positive energy of O Culore E' Napule, one of the two aforementioned new compositions. If you already enjoy Osanna as a band or merely want to explore what the 1970's movie soundtracks by Italian rock bands actually sound like, this production is well worth taking note of. Especially if you enjoy accessible symphonic art rock of the 70's variety.

Olav M Bjornsen: April 14, 2012

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