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Newspaperflyhunting - 2015 - "The Three Words"

(27:47 EP, 'Newspaperflyhunting')


The Polish band NEWSPAPERFLYHUNTING was formed back in 2006, and has a handful of EPs and two studio albums to their name. "The Three Words EP" is their most recent production, and was self-released in 2015 in a strictly limited edition of 50 physical copies and 30 digital ones. When they are all sold, the EP will be deleted. The three tracks on this EP are all rather different from one another. Title track Three Words opens with gentle plucked guitar details, bass and drums, supporting male lead vocals, slowly develops into a darker metal-tinged affair with dark riffs and gently contrasting keyboards, shifts to a gentler phase again as female lead vocals comes in, with a twisted interlude, a new vocals sequence and then explores an increasingly gentle expression as it subsides towards silence. Second track Past Perfect is basically telling the story of how greed destroys a section of old houses in a Polish town, and opens as a careful ballad with female vocals, shifts to a staccato dramatic impact sequence midways, and then slowly develops towards a post rock-tinged expression, ending on a dark and twisted note. Concluding piece Demolished Mansions is a purebred instrumental post rock affair with a majestic, atmospheric ebb and flow momentum, and comes across as pretty much a cinematic, emotional companion piece to the second track, complete with the sound of a house burning down towards the end. For me, this is the most impressive of these compositions, and one truly haunting on all levels. The somewhat hard to define style of Newspaperflyhunting isn't one that will have a universal appeal, I guess, but if you have a liberal and open mind, tend to be able to enjoy progressive rock bands that create material varied in style, and also are fond of songs exploring rather deep thematic subjects, then this EP is one that should be worth investigating.

Olav M Bjornsen: November 14, 2015

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