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Musica D'Repuesto (Cuba) - 1998 - "aV abuC" ("Luna Negra")


Lino - keyboards, bass, drums

Landy - guitars, keyboards

Pedro Pablo - cellos, keyboards

All instrumental band. Classic Art Rock + RIO.

This is a band unknown to me. So, I have no words for a Prologue.


1. Parche. The most accessible track on the album, sometimes it sounds even a bit poppy, though it contains several interesting solos and arrangments somewhere in the middle. Some prepared samples plus monotonous chords at the end. The only mediocre songhere.

2. La cabeza. Consists of varied piano solos, interplays and arrangements. A short yet very interesting track.

3. La tristeza. Already from the beginning a wonderful innovatve atmosphere overcomes all around. From the first move, which is very dynamic, stylistically somewehere between Classic Art Rock and Rio, begins the second part of this piece. Lots of unusual, very innovative themes on the "field" of mystical sounds and special effects take the listener by surprise totally. The further development unfolds in the typical (yet very original) RIO style until the end.

4. D'cada. A more art-rockish composition. Lots of very innovative guitar and bass solos. Somewhere in the middle keyboard passages and cello stand out. Very unusual sound, lots of innovative ideas. Nearer to the end the overall sound remains the same as in the beginning.

5. Suite 3. Begins with some soundscapes excellently derived from synthsizer and electric guitar. Later on the bass line comes in to speed up the tempo, and soon very interesting keyboard arrangements take shape. Then enter drums and percussives, but soon the composition quite unexpectedly falls into a slow sophisticated theme, led by cello. The fast and changing theme with prominent keyboards, cello, bass and drums differs from the previous one. Very complex music.

6. Hierba mala. Begins with a unique RIO-like theme with frequent changes of mood (from slow, designed for cello) to fast and bombastic - for keyboards and other instruments. It is necessary to say that cello plays the leading role in this composition. The unique sounds from cello can drive someone even a bit crazy - so unusually and innovative they are. The end is held in a "usual" art rock manner.

7. Anunciation y danza. This one begins with strange noises and drum beats. In this atmosphere of horror appears cello with a gentle and sad theme. Hypnotically rhythmic keyboards together with cello and a rare bass-drum beat create a unique atmosphere of high-quality, very innovative RIO. Very sad composition, full of despair.

8. Baile d'payasos. From the beginning this composition sounds light, as if to counter the previous one. Later it sounds differently, though more light notes prevail. Lots of vibraphone and massive "choral" keyboards. The overall sound is totally unique. These guys can creat great music just with a set of effects and noises!

9. The last and shortest composition on the album. Just an excellent mix of acoustic guitar passages, varied keyboards and singing "Cuba" as "abuC".

Summary. No doubt, untill now "aV abuC" is the best album, released by the little known yet excellent "non-progit" Progressive Rock label from Mexico "Luna Negra" ("Black Moon"). A unique blend between RIO music and Classic Progressive (Symphonic). The band from the "High League" of Prog Rock after all. It's been a long time since I last heard such an excellent set of unique themes and wonderful, magic arrangements. The only thing that gives me no rest is how this kind of music can reach a larger audience? content

VM. December 6, 1999


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