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Mr. Gil - 2012 - "I Want You to Get Back Home"

(45:29, Metal Mind Records)


1.  Time 4:25
2.  Our Shoes 3:24
3.  In Your Heart 6:01
4.  Find Me 5:03
5.  Change Your Name 5:49
6.  Fix My Arms 4:35
7.  Start Again 5:04
8.  Goodnight 5:38
9.  Come Home 5:30


Mirek Gil – guitars 
Karol Wroblewski – vocals 
Konrad Wantrych – keyboards 
Paulina Druch – cello 

Prolusion. MR. GIL is one of the creative vehicles for Polish composer and guitarist Mirek Gil. Initially set up in 1998, this band-project was revived as a recording venture in 2010 following a decade or so of silence. "I Want You to Get Back Home" is their fourth production, and was released by Metal Mind in the spring of 2012.

Analysis. The various bands associated with Mirek Gil all have one case in common: they are all associated with neo progressive rock. As is Mr. Gil, I believe, although this latest production issued under this moniker most certainly can't be regarded as a reason for this. In fact, most likely the greater majority of avid music fans won't describe this as progressive rock or art rock either. It is a pleasant excursion for what it is however, but for anyone with a desire to encounter material of challenging in nature this is a disc they can safely leave alone. What we're dealing with here is, basically, a ballad CD. Old fashioned in expression, an album that might as well have been made 50 years ago. Vocals, piano, acoustic guitar and cello are the tools utilized, and in a brief but effective visit towards the end we're served a couple of minutes featuring drums too. That's basically it. But as ballads can come in a lot of different varieties, some further descriptions might be warranted of course. As far as this production goes, the ballads are all fairly uniform in expression however. Gently wandering acoustic guitar supplemented by light and light toned flowing piano, while the cello adds a darker toned, melancholic background motif. Occasionally the latter will be given a more dominant role and expression, which alongside vocals and vocal harmonies bring forth the odd Eleanor Rigby association, but by and large we're dealing with ballads of a softer, gentler variety, compositions rich in moods, as long as melancholy is a part of the mood in question. The main variation comes at the very end, with layered background vocals and an upbeat drum pattern appearing at the halfway point on the album’s concluding piece, followed by a cinematic sound passage that gently takes the album to the very end. What makes this production a pleasant but ordinary experience rather than a dull one according to my personal taste is the vocals of Karol Wroblewski. The instrumental performance is high quality throughout, but the vocals add emotional impact and nerve to a much greater extension as far as I'm concerned. Not to the extent of elevating the CD to be an essential purchase admittedly, but at least it is a pleasant one. There's nothing new or innovative to this album admittedly, but it is a very well made specimen of its kind.

Conclusion. Mr. Gil's latest album "I Want You to Get Back Home" isn't one that will appeal to dedicated fans of progressive rock, as it is a production rather far removed form this stylistic universe. But if gentle melancholic ballads are dear to you, and you tend to enjoy a blend of high quality lead vocals and melancholic cello supplemented by careful acoustic guitar and piano then this effort is one you should check out. It is a fine example of this type of music, and should have a broad appeal, in particular amongst a mainstream oriented audience.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: July 21, 2012
The Rating Room

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