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Lufeh - 2020 - “Luggage Falling Down"

(33:35; Lufeh)


Lufeh Batera is a well-known Brazilian drummer who has performed with many bands in his home country, including Oficina G3, a Christian rock act. He released his debut album as long ago as 2008, and since 2014 has been living and working in the States where he was recently the drummer for Kenny Shipman. Over a period of time he built a band together with Gera Penna (keyboards), Duca Tambasco (bass) and Teo Dornellas (guitar) but a month out from the recording date of 21st January 2020 they found themselves without a singer. During a Christmas party Lufeh was bemoaning this fact to a friend of his, saying he has no idea what they were going to do, but was told not to worry as they had a mate who would be perfect for the album, and in stepped Dennis Atlas and the recording went ahead as scheduled. The result is an album which is interesting in many ways, but there is no doubt there is something missing. The rhythm section is outstanding, with huge amounts of complexity going on behind the main melodies. Both Batera and Tamabsco are masters of their instruments, and know when to keep it relatively simple, but also when to let rip and provide additional elements which really makes the music stand out. Dornellas is also a fine guitarist, but the band seems musically rather off kilter as Penna is not providing the same level of complexity. His role is much more about providing held-down chords and providing a layer for the rest to play against and it does not work as well as it might have, and while the band liken themselves to Dream Theater that is certainly not the case in this regard. Atlas also seems somewhat out of sorts, as while he is a good singer he never really stamps his presence on this, but given he did not even know the band existed a month before stepping into the studio perhaps that is to be expected. This is heavy prog with some strong elements here and there while never becoming essential, but given this is a very new band in so many ways there is a good chance they will be more rounded as a unit when it comes to the next album.

Progtector: December 2020

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