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Liir Bu Fer - 2010 - "3 Juno"

(59:32, Lizard Records)

1.  Ginza 1:08
2.  1944 8:05
3.  Hiver 4:12
4.  Red Submarine 5:32
5.  Maestrale 7:04
6.  Esperanto 1:37
7.  Es 8:04
8.  Mikumi 3:34
9.  Lay-p 5:37
10. Room 10 2:27
11. Obliquizione 5:44
12. Tre Juno 6:28


Marco Tuppo – flute; keyboards; guitar; loops
Andrea Tumicelli – guitars; kalimba; loops
Nicola De Bortoli – kalimba; loops
Claudio Milano – vocals 
Antonella Bertini – vocals 
Michele Bertone – vocals 
Raffaello Regoli – vocals 

Prolusion. The Italian ensemble LIIR BU FER was formed back in 2008. Initially as a duo, but soon after its inception Tuppo joined as the third member, after which the project stabilized as a band as well as productive unit. "3Juno" is their debut album, and was issued by Lizard Records’ imprint Zeit Interference in 2010.

Analysis. Music can be enthralling, enchanting, uplifting, depressive, challenging, easygoing, catchy, beautiful or horrible – or something completely different altogether. But as many words and descriptions you can throw after the general term or the individual artists actively exploring the art, music is in itself a subjective experience. No two people will find their experience to be exactly the same, and in some instances the descriptions and perceptions of what one has encountered will be so different that it's hard to imagine that the listeners have experienced the same. This initial effort by Liir Bu Fer will most likely be a disc that can be used to exemplify just that. As far-fetched as this may sound, knowing that the members of this act are described as avant-garde musicians, will probably be helpful both to understand that description and to start getting a feeling for what kind of musical endeavor they have made – that their chosen style is electronic music possibly even more so. The twelve creations that make up this disc can all be described as minimalistic in scope, so much so that in many cases one can't really describe the creations as melodies as such. These are compositions for sure, but more often than not of a kind exploring a certain mood and atmosphere more than any regular melody as such. Only rarely is any of the given pieces’ arrangements with more than two textures carrying a melodic element as such, more often than not a single texture will dominate, albeit relatively frequently supported by fluctuating fragmented additional sound layers. Vocals appear now and then, but just as often in the shape of recitals or sampled voices as any kind of regular singing as such. Sampled noises, sounds and rhythmic inserts make up the rest of the arrangements, but always minimalistic and most often experimental, or non-regular in scope, if you like. An additional trait for quite a few endeavors is that they have a certain deconstructive quality; instead of developing or evolving to a finalized phase, these excursions devolve, opening in a finalized setting and moving towards a stage where others would have chosen to start a composition. And while the music presented is both challenging and hard to describe as well as fathom, there is a certain hypnotic quality to it too. The landscapes explored, with cold sounds and dark textures as oft used effects, manage to fascinate because of (or despite of) the challenging aspects that to such a strong degree define the very nature of the individual creations and the album as a whole. Not a disc that will ever be known for its commercial impact one way or another, but a bona fide quality release for a select and limited crowd.

Conclusion. Challenging, minimalistic and experimental electronic music is what Liir Bu Fer has in store for those who buy their debut album "3juno", constructions that should fulfill the cravings of those generally fond of music described as electronic avant-garde. I'd surmise that those who enjoy artists such as SADO and Nichelodeon will find this disc most enticing, and fans of minimalistic electronic music in general might also want to spend a few minutes getting familiar with this production.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: June 17, 2011
The Rating Room

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