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Landberk (Sweden)
(an overall view)


1992 - "Lonely Land" ("The Laser's Edge" label, USA)

1994 - "One Man Tells Another" ("Megarock", Sweden)

1996 - "Indian Summer" ("Musea", France)

Reine Fiske - guitars
Simon Nordberg - keyboards
Patric Helje - vocals
Stefan Dimle - bass
Jonas Lidholm - drums

Each new album of this very original Swedish band is more accessible than its predecessor, yet the last and most simple their work is their best (IMO)!

On the debut album "Lonely Land" these guys almost openly recreate the sound of the '70s, actively and effectively using such famous (and popular) keyboard instrument as Mellotron (The Keeper of the string samples). A lot of acoustic piano, and some songs feature even accordion. Cold, Northern music with slow dramatic themes and quite complex arrangements slightly influenced by such bands as Van Der Graaf and PFM. Keyboards play a prominent role here, though often you can hear excellent sad guitar solos.

Beginning from the second album "One Man Tells Another" lead guitar turned out to be a dominant instrument, though all the main themes are still keyboard-based. No accordions, much lesser of Mellotron, and sometimes new modern keyboards appear. The music is more simple and song-oriented, but simultaneously more painful. The band found some good new arrangements during the recording of this album. The elements of this new "their own" style these guys will successfully use on the Landberk's following work (by far the last).

"Indian Summer". Absolutely song-based album, yet pure Magic! Please don't hurry,- it is quite an unusual album, full of brilliant guitar solos and very fine arrangements, obscured by Northern Mists in music and at the same time by Summer's Warmth in melancholy vocal tones. Neither mellotrons nor influences at all: this is Landberk with their own already very original "magic" Symphonic Art Rock. With such beautiful music Landberk (IMO) must have a million of fans all over the world. As well as the majority of Pink Floyd's albums, it is unique Progressive Rock for masses! Have you listened to Landberk? It is strange, if not... content

VM. 2.06.1999


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