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Karibow - 2016 - “Holophinium"

(97:01; Progressive Promotion Records)


After the success of his latest studio album, 2014’s ‘Addicted’, multi-instrumentalist Oliver Rusing (here providing lead & backing vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums) brought in some musicians to turn Karibow into a live band, being joined by Christopher Thomas (acoustic guitar), Jorg Eschrig (mandolin, backing vocals), and Markus Bergen (keyboards). If that was not enough, he also brought in multiple guests in Karsten Stiers (lead vocals, Errorhead), Michael Sadler (lead & backing vocals, Saga), Colin Tench (guitar. Corvus Stone), Sean Timms (piano, keyboards, Unitopia), and Daniel Neustad (fretless bass). This was a new beginning for Rusing and the band, and they were soon touring with the likes of Saga in support of this album which is nearly 100 minutes in length. Although there are large elements of Neo in this release, there is also quite a lot of symphonic, while there are also some gentler more melodic styles as well, resulting in a crossover progressive rock album which is easy to get inside the first time of playing. The vocals are powerful with just a slight edge, and although Sadler does not take that many lead roles he certainly stands out when he does. I had not looked at the personnel before playing this, and as soon as I heard him, I was reaching for the information just to check as he has one of the most recognisable voices around. There is no doubt this is a very long album, but unlike many which attempt this sort of length there is never a feeling of mass padding, and instead is an album which lulls in the listener and allows them to stay inside the world which has similarities with the likes of RPWL, IQ and elements of Porcupine Tree and is certainly very enjoyable.

Progtector: May 2023

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