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Josiah Wordsworth - 2007 - "Blue State"

(26:22, 'Josiah Wordsworth')


TRACK LIST:                                 

1.  Witch Hunt 4:34
2.  Drive-By Media 4:30
3.  Silver Dollar Swagger 5:09
4.  Rock Song 5:47
5.  Eulogy 5:07


Jordan Slominski  keyboards; bass, guitars; percussion
Andrew Weidner - drums, percussion
Anthony Lee Rogers - contrabass, cello, viola, violin
Andy Schuster - bass (1, 2, 5)

Prolusion. JOSIAH WORDSWORTH is a duo from the American state of Minnesota with Andrew Weidner playing drums and Jordan Slominski playing all other instruments. The band was first formed in 2005, and "Blue State" is their first release.

Analysis. Musically, this is something completely different, with the piano played in a distinctly classical manner dominating on four of the five tunes, and drums as the second dominant instrument. The music on these songs lies somewhere between classical and rock, with some hints of Sky, an English band which was the first to explore the zone between these two styles in an advanced and consummate manner, with members trained in both genres, some thirty years ago. In parts of the first four tracks other elements are added, with keyboards and bass providing a symphonic-influenced mood on the first tune, a mellow solo piano segment on the second piece, and a piano-led exploration of a ballad-based style, while jazz structures are added to the next two tracks. The fifth and last composition on this release is very different, though, and while continuing from the previous song on this creative cycle, the violin dominates in a lush symphonic landscape where keyboards, bass, drums, synthesizers and a fragile piano melody underscore the violin. All the tunes are highly intriguing compositions.

Conclusion. Fans of piano-dominated music in particular should check this out, and the last track is compelling enough in itself that fans of mellow symphonic rock should take notice of this EP too.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: April 2, 2008

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