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Godzilla in the Kitchen - 2015 - "Godzilla in the Kitchen"

(62:30, Godzilla in the Kitchen)


TRACK LIST:                  

1. Up the River 7:04
2. Broken Dance 4:02
3. The Turn 5:14
4. Elis Speech 4:41
5. Propagation of Violence 5:34
6. Dr. Moth 6:38
7. Stick to Your Daily Routine 11:12
8. Provoking as Teenage Sex 3:18
9. The Universe Is Yours 11:34
10.The Fridge 3:13

Felix Rambach - drums
Eric Patzschke - guitars
Simon Ulm - bass

Prolusion. German band GODZILLA IN THE KITCHEN was formed back in 2011, consisting then as now of three musicians, handling bass, drums and guitars respectively. Their self-titled debut album "Godzilla in the Kitchen" is their debut album, as well as their sole release to date, and was self-released in 2015.

Analysis. Godzilla in the Kitchen is a band that operates in the borderlands between hard rock and metal, and in doing so they create material with a strong orientation towards progressive rock rather than progressive metal. In addition they are an instrumental band. Not the kind of material that will top any Billboard charts near you in other words, but music made to appeal to those with more than an average interest in instruments and instrument details I imagine. The perhaps most surprising aspect of this album will be that the regular guitar solo runs you probably expect to encounter throughout actually have a more dampened presence, and when they appear, they tend to be more atmospheric laden than flamboyant. In fact, there aren't too many flamboyant details of note throughout this album, and it appears obvious that this is a production where the focus has been to appeal to listeners just as much as fellow musicians, if not even more so. Sections alternating in pace and intensity is a mainstay of such a production, obviously, and while we do get our fair share of harder edged sections alternating with gentler interludes and pacier runs alternating with slower paced ones, this aspect isn't quite as key and central as you'd expect either. My main impression is that the instrumentalists have taken care to see to it that everyone is heard instead, and that what the individual provides when their instrument is either dominant, expressive or both should appeal to the listener. Hence a liberal amount of groove-laden bass-lines and spirited to expressive drum details, in addition to the guitar. Stoner rock appears to be a key direct or indirect influence throughout, as the guitar sound in particular comes with strong associations in that department. That the band states Tool as an influential source may also explain this to some extent I guess, hence the possibly indirect influence noted. Other artists stated as important to the band are a tad harder to recognize in the material however, as is the description that this crew creates and explore "really heavy psychedelic, trance". The psychedelic aspect consists of trace elements at best in my opinion, and the trance elements are more of a homeopathic presence. Those who find that description alluring should probably look up Myster Mobius instead. As far as album experiences go, I find this to be a pleasant excursion in general. Never unpleasant, sometimes intriguing, but a few levels away from coming across as a superior creation with a broad general appeal at this point. Good musicians, good music, and a well produced album. No more, and no less; and with occasional glimpses of possible future greatness here and there.

Conclusion. Hard, instrumental progressive rock that borrows an idea or two from the stoner rock department comes across as a good general description of Godzilla in the Kitchen, complete with both subtly adventurous and occasionally expressive instrument details. A certain affection for riff based creations and a gnarly stoner rock tinged guitar sound is merited to enjoy this album, as rare a band that gives the bass in particular a liberal amount of limelight moments. An album with more of a niche appeal in my book, and a niche without too many competitors at that.

Progmessor: April 22nd, 2018
The Rating Room

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