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Ezra Winston (Italy) - 1990 - "Ancient Afternoon"


Three out of the four songs from the original Ezra Winston LP "Ancient Afternoon" are in detail depicted in the review on the band's promotional sampler-CD "Ancient Unknown Town", which consists of six songs in all, the first two of those taken from the band's debut album of 1988, and the last track was recorded in 1992. Apart from the four original songs, this CD reissue of "Ancient Afternoon" contains a bonus track, which was never released before (as well as the last track of the sampler-CD-R, though). Thus, until now I haven't been acquainted only with the LP's original, 9-minute Verge of Suicide and a bonus track called Shades of Grey, recorded in 1995). What can I say? Of course, the "Ancient Afternoon" album as a whole, including a wonderful bonus track, which ideally fits into the original LP material, sounds way better than the said sampler CD just because… this is an original album with a monolithic musical palette. "Ancient Afternoon" is probably the only classic Art Rock masterpiece, released in the second half of the 1980s. Sadly, the best song by Ezra Winston, Dark Angel Suite, which was the last track on the sampler, has not been included on this "Ancient Afternoon" release, although there is enough space on the CD for that. But then maybe the band has prepared this wonderful 12-minute composition for their upcoming album?

Vitaly Menshikov: October 12, 2002

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