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Eveline’s Dust - 2019 - "K."

(43:11; Giant Electric Pea)


TRACK LIST: 1. A New Beginning 6:02 2. Fierce Fear Family 4:32 3. Hope 9:03 4. K. 3:38 5. Lost in a Lullaby 5:38 6. Faintly Falling 4:41 7. Rain Over Gentle Travellers 9:37 LINE UP : Nicola Pedreschi - keyboards, vocals Lorenzo Gherarducci - guitars Angelo Carmignani - drums Marco Carloni - bass

Prolusion. Eveline’s Dust is a progressive rock band from Pisa, Italy, which was founded in 2012 and released their debut album in the following year. Reviewed here is their third and to date last album released in 2019.

Analysis. According to the authors, this concept album tells the story of a fictional character – a girl named K, suffering from an incurable disease. Her character and life story are gradually revealed, song by song, by people she meets in course of life. The musical style is distinguished by an original blend of jazz rock Rush-like heavy prog, with interesting harmonies and a male voice leading throughout and a female one backing it here and there (except in Faintly Falling, where the female vocals lead). The male voice is quite flat and is not the band’s strongest aspects, but fits the overall texture of the album, which is evenly and uniformly melancholic. The latter is another weak side of the work: probably, in their desire to maintain the conceptual character of the album (in which they actually succeeded), the musicians offer a limited range of similar themes and seem afraid to deviate from them too far and develop more freely. The extremely laconic visual design of the album, consisting of a sole red letter K with a dot against the black background, reflects its musical and textual contents. Among the work’s bright and definitely positive aspects are excellent performance from all musicians, almost impeccable production and an original style.

Conclusion. K. has left mixed impressions on me. Among the pros are the great production and musicianship, the interesting style, the cons include repetitiveness of themes, inexpressive vocals and lack of bright moments. The former, nevertheless, overweigh, since the band demonstrates good compositional and performing skills, there are some really interesting moments and impros, though they are not so numerous, and individual songs.

Proguessor: May 2023
The Rating Room

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