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Escapade (USA) - 1999 - "Duetoafaultypremonition"
(52 min, "Mother West")


1.  Sound Trap                6:58
2.  When a Squal Line Beckons 9:00
3.  I See Things             11:44
4.  Singe                     6:00
5.  Undoubtedly              12:45
6.  Postscript: a Flickering  5:41

Track 6 is an excerpt of a "rehearsal" recorded direct to two-track deck.
All other tracks are composed by Escapade collectively and spontaneously
(no overdubs are used).

Paul Hilzinger - keyboards, percussion, sampler
John Ortega - keyboards, varied processed sounds
Paul Casanova - electric & acoustic guitars, electronics
Joey Murphy - electric guitar, percussion
Russell Giffen - bass
Hadley Kahn - drums, percussion

One of the most unusual Space Rock albums I ever heard. As you know already Escapade (based on New York's independent "Mother West" label led by Melissa Schlager) compose and play their music in the spur-of-the-moment way. I was full of a wild variety of doubts, reading such a provocative intro: will I hear some kind of progressive music here. However, now I can admit, I did find some really progressive episodes on this album, full of a mystical, strange atmosphere. This "spontaneus" music brings about quite an attractive, hypnotic influence on the listener. So, I feel this album might have been created under the influence of drugs. If so, I have nothing against it. All events have their own special reason, and I am sure that this kind of music will make some people really happy. Isn't it an answer? Isn't it a Mission to make people happy creating the music without some "common" doubts? (What are some of our "common rules" in the face of Eternity?) And I am very sorry if I was just mistaken talking of some influences.

Well, we are back to influences, and I am glad to inform you I didn't find any possible musical influences in the music of Escapade. While the work of the rhytm-section is OK (quite abstract, though, but... it's great - thanks exactly to this abstraction), I find (improvisational!) arrangements made by the lead guitarist and keyboardist much more complete in terms of "progressivity". As for the electronic works master (who is also the (same) lead guitarist in one person), he really knows the tricks of the trade. Sound effects create a unique atmosphere throughout the album. Even "an excerpt of a rehearsal" sounds okay. Such a child of the specific smoking...

Summary. As for me personally, I am inclined mostly to the complex and intricate Progressive Rock, full of changes of the basic themes and tempos, time signatures, quirky solos and interplays between various instruments. However, I am not so deaf as not to hear an exceptional originality raised to the power of rich imagination in the music of Escapade. Saying that I never heard such interesting Space Rock (and I have listened to a great lot of such music - Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra (including all its side-Temples), etc, etc, not to mention countless solo works of their members), I am honest with you. I hope some prog-heads will understand me what they must do. And you are quite right - buy Escapade-99 right now!

VM. March 1, 2000


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