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Edhels (Monaco) - 1991 - "Astro Logical" (61 min, "Musea")


1. Aries       4:54

2. Taurus      4:21

3. Gemini      4:44

4. The Crab    5:06

5. Leo         4:50

6. Virgo       4:41

7. Libra       4:54

8. Scorpio     6:25

9. Sagittarius 3:15

10. Capricorn  5:09

11. Aquarius   9:02

12. Pisces     3:29


Marc Ceccotti - guitars, keyboards, percussions

Noel Damon - keyboards, percussions

Jacky Rosaty - drums, percussions

Jean-Louis Suzzoni - guitars

Recorded at Les Mouchettes studio

This is the third album from the unique Edhels. Needless to say, "Astro-logical" is one of the strongest efforts (imho) released by (their) Premier World Progressive Rock Label "Musea".

It was hard to imagine that somebody could reproduce the characteristics of the signs of Zodiac musically (to descript them with sounds-made-of-notes) that would more or less correspond with their made-of-paper descriptions. As I read astrological books seriously and attentively, I am amazed at what I hear on "Astro Logical", at how Logically Edhels rendered all these so specific things musicallly.

This album seems to be openly keyboard based, and you must have some really good experience to separate as if hidden wonderful guitar arrangements (lots of them here!) from the (excellent) Logically connected complexity. Each instrument from the album's "equipment" is involved into the creation of this Astro-Complexity, but of course, varied keyboards and guitars play the prominent roles in arrangement.

Now I must say some very important words. Musicians turned to be able to show the feminine Beauty of Virgo, the surprising Contradictions of Scorpio, the touching Indecision of Cancer, as well as all the very special peculiarity of the other signs.

Summary. If you don't find on this album some fast solos or interplays, listening to it a dozen of times you'll find its serious (and Logical) complexity anyway. It lies within the very special Edhels' structures, within the very special, very original Edhels' way in composing. Finally you will find this album much more interesting than a lot of pseudo complex albums, whose creators are mostly concerned with the idea of making their work complex whatever it takes. And then you'll have to admit that Edhels is a criminally underrated band.

VM. March 2, 2000


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