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Dusk Of Delusion - 2020 - "Watch your 6"

(51:01; Fantai’zic Productions)


TRACK LIST:                  

1. Serbian's Gate 4:39
2. The Messenger 4:35
3. Letters to C 4:38
4. Ladies' Path 3:32
5. Vozle Okna 5:25
6. Sadness Is My Only Retaliation 3:42
7. The Guardians 4:33
8. Smiling from Across 4:33
9. Verdun 9:46
10. While He Sleeps 5:38


Claude Colmars -  guitars, vocals
Natan Gengenbacher - drums, percussions
Benoit Guillot - vocals
Matthieu Morand - guitars
Julien Skorka - bass, vocals 

Prolusion. French band DUSK OF DELUSION started out back in 2016, and describe themselves as a new metal or modern metal band. They released their debut album "(F)unfair" back in 2018, and this year the band returns with their second album "Watch Your 6". Like with their first CD, the album was issued through French label Fantai'zic Productions.

Analysis. In the wilderness of metal genres out there, alternative metal and nu metal at least have the history and grounding that makes most people somewhat aware of what both sub-genres are like, even if perhaps a few too many will state grunge to the former and rap metal to the latter as what these styles are all about. Personally I like the moniker modern metal better, even if that as an expression is just as much of an oxymoron as both alternative and nu metal. The case here is a band that plucks, borrows and grabs from a fairly expansive palette of metal impulses. We do have staccato, hacking riff constructions that reference back to alternative rock and metal somewhere, but also majestic riff barrages pulled from old school thrash metal as well as more refined instances of the latter that arguably have more of a technical character to them. Groove-oriented sections pops up here and there, as well as parts and sequences that jumps straight back into classic 80's heavy metal. With blues-oriented guitar riff and solo details with a 70's hard rock touch popping up on occasion. There might even be an instance or two of neo-classical guitar soloing, or at least a delivery fairly close to that tradition, on a token few parts. The point is that this is a band operating without too many limitations I guess, and using the elements they desire from the last 30 odd years or so of metal music. While such an eclectic style of metal won't be to everybody's taste, a more limiting element in this totality are the lead vocals. Main singer Guillot does have a notable accent, which generally isn't a positive, and he also appears to struggle a bit when delivering more frail and delicate voices here and there. His main mode of delivery appears to be a more hoarse, talk-like vocal style, which also fits the general premises of the music at hand, with frequently alternates with a more aggressive, twisted screaming vocals type of the kind that merits to be described inside a context with something ending in -core. Hardcore and metalcore first and foremost I guess. Still, the main vocal styles used, combined with certain peculiarities in Guillot's vocal delivery, will limit the general appeal of this band ever so slightly.

Conclusion. Personally I find this to be a good album. The album is well produced, and it is a thematic album as well, dealing with the topic of war, which is always interesting. The musicians hold good quality, but the vocals will possibly be more of an acquired taste. I didn't encounter all that many elements that managed to elevate the total experience though, which for me makes this an album that will have it's main appeal among a more niche-oriented audience. In this case, those who tend to enjoy music described nu metal, alternative metal or modern metal first and foremost.

Progmessor: April 2020
The Rating Room

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