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Dirty Passion - 2012 - "In Wonderland"

(48:10, Transubstans Records)


The Swedish band DIRTY PASSION was formed sometime around 2006/2007, and has established itself as an active entity in the international live circuit. "In Wonderland" is their second full length production, and was released by Transubstans Records in the fall of 2012 on their Denomination sublabel. What we're treated to is a severe case of what some people call hair metal, others glam metal or pop metal. Accessible, mainstream oriented hard rock with a high singalong atmosphere, anthemic chorus sections and a good handful of ballads and power ballads spread out between the harder edged tunes. Music that looks back in time to the likes of Poison, Ratt and the more dedicated glam-oriented part of the hair metal universe. Basic melodies, basic production and a high degree of what I might describe as the beer factor: The more beers the listener has consumed, the better this music sounds and fits the occasion, at least up to a certain point. While Dirty Passion has a good way to go before they write themselves into the history books with their take on the glam-oriented parts of the pop metal universe, their second album is a nice enough specimen of its kind. If you like singalong hard rock of this nature and enjoy bands who explore the basic parts of this style, this album should be a fairly safe investment.

Olav M Bjornsen: June 21, 2013

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