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David Vincent (Switzerland) - 1999 - "No Entiendo"
(39 min, Gazul)


1.  Un nain bans le jardin 3:08
2.  Supermarket 2:57
3.  Attracteur etrange-I 5:42
4.  Attracteur etrange-II 6:51
5.  Attracteur etrange-III 2:00
6.  No Entiendo 3:50
7.  Direction Alpha 3:47
8.  Spitiruoso ma non troppo 1:55
9.  MHD 3:13
10. Deux nains dans le jardin 5:46

All tracks: composed & performed by Enrique Carranza.


Enrique Carranza - 
- electric, acoustic, & bass guitars; drums; 
- sequencing & programming 

Prolusion. David Vincent is the English-language pseudonym of Enrique Carranza, a Spaniard living in Switzerland. (Well, really!) I don't know whether "No Entiendo" is the only album by him or not.

Synopsis. "No Entiendo", which is an all-instrumental album, Carranza plays electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and a real drum kit, though on about a half of the tracks here, he also uses a drum machine, guitar loops, and sequenced keyboard solos. Enrique is a real and very masterful multi-instrumentalist and gifted composer as well. All the contents of "No Entiendo" are unique and are excellent by all means, and the only serious drawback of this album is its stylistic inconsistency. Prog-Metal with elements of guitar Art-Rock and vice versa, a blend of Prog-Metal and guitar Art-Rock, a triple union of guitar Art-Rock, Prog-Metal, and Electronic Rock, a fusion of guitar Art-Rock and Electronic Rock with and without elements of Prog-Metal, a confluence of Electronic Rock and Prog-Metal, Electronic Rock with elements of guitar Art-Rock, and finally a pure Electronic Rock: eight different stylistics are presented on this 10-track album! The arrangements on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 (see track list above) consist of diverse interplay between solos and passages of acoustic guitar, solos of electric guitar, and those of bass and drums, all of which are very inventive, though each of the tracks from 6 to 9 contains also quite a large quantity of sequenced keyboard solos and guitar loops. Along with those of electric guitar, the parts of acoustic guitar are the main soloing forces on the album and, with the exception of Attracteur etrange-II (4), are present on each of the aforementioned compositions. Although both of the remaining tracks (3 & 5) consist for the most part of varied sequenced solos and loops, they musically represent quite an unusual and interesting Electronic Rock.

Conclusion. "No Entiendo" is in many ways an outstanding album and is filled with great music, which is both original and fresh. Due to its stylistic inconsistency however, it's quite difficult to recommend it to those exclusively into some of the genres that are mentioned in this review. For 'omnivores' only...

VM: June 26, 2003

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