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Cyril - 2013 - "Gone through Years"

(54:18, Progressive Promotion Records)


1.  In Search of Wonders 5:59
2.  Sweet Alice 3:24
3.  Through Time and Space 6:03
4.  Gone through Years 5:54
5.  Days to Come 3:03
6.  Mentalscars 6:57
7.  Gate of Reflection 3:01
8.  Heading for Desaster 6:50
9.  World Is Lost 6:17
10. Final Ending 6:50


Denis Strassburg  basses; programming
Marek Arnold  keyboards; sax, clarinet
Ralf Dietsch  guitars, mandolin
Clemens Litschko  drums 
Larry B  vocals 
A few additional singers

Prolusion. The German band CYRIL was formed in 2010 by former members of melodic rock band Gabria and a few musicians fairly well known to those who have kept track of the record label Cyril signed to, Progressive Promotion Records, which released their debut album "Gone through Years" in the spring of 2013.

Analysis. Accessible, melodic progressive rock with distinct mainstream sensibilities has so far been something of an identity mark to the bands who sign with Progressive Promotion, and Cyril is no exception in that department. Their ten-track debut album is one that merits acknowledgment for compositions sporting enticing melodies and arrangements as easy on the ears as the mind yet without loosing track of some progressive rock ideals, such as multiple themes, thematic developments and sophisticated arrangements. Alternating gentle and harder edged sequences is a general tendency throughout, mostly with the verse parts and various standalone inserts catering for the former while the chorus and instrumental sections cater for the latter. Gone through Years is the composition that perhaps sports the most extreme variety of the softer side of the band, the verse parts here of a kind and nature that wouldn't have been out of place on a Phil Collins solo album, contrasted by harder edged excursions that sounds like a somewhat beefed up version of early 80's Genesis. But elsewhere passages that reside closer to mainstream melodic rock paired off with harder edged escapades closer to the likes of Ayreon are the name of the game here, and accessible arrangements sporting majestic organ and guitar driven reminding of the latter are something of a key feature, especially in the later parts of this disc. Not as sophisticated or quirky, but with a similar approach in overall construction. Elevating the listener experience quite nicely, at least for me personally, is a drummer who knows how to toss in some unexpected details and brief enticing fills, as well as a bassist who has mastered the art of delivering smooth yet driving bass motifs. Subtle elements that add a little extra to enjoy for the right type of avid listener if you like.

Conclusion. Melodic progressive rock bordering on metal or vice versa may be a suitable manner in which to describe the contents of Cyril's debut album "Gone through Years". Music on the borderline of progressive rock and metal, accessible and melodic in nature and expression but with a nice harder edge to it. A plausible guess for a key audience should be those who enjoy the likes of early 80's Genesis and Ayreon both, as well as those who generally tend to like the music released through Progressive Promotion Records of course.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: October 16, 2013
The Rating Room

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