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Burning Saviours - 2007 - "Nymphs & Weavers"

(Transubstans Records)


TRACK LIST:                                 
1.  Looking After the Phyre
2.  Pondhillow's Finest
3.  The Spellweaver
4.  Woodnymph
5.  Dreaming of Pastries
6.  Signs
7.  Trinity
8.  Hillside Mansion
9.  Exposed to the Heat of Solace

Mikael Marjanen - guitar 
Fredrik Andersson - vocals; guitar 
Henry Pyykko - guitar 
Fredrik Evertsson - bass 
Martin Wijkstrom - drums 

Prolusion. BURNING SAVIOURS is a Swedish band that was formed in 2003. "Nymphs & Weavers" is their third album, following "Hundus" (2006) and "Burning Saviours" (2005).

Analysis. Musically this band is all about retro rock. Their main influences are named as Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. And personally I'll add, as they sounded in the first half of the seventies - to make it even clearer. On this release, all the songs have touches from one or more of the three first bands listed as influences. In addition, the band seems to be familiar with quite a few other bands as well. A couple of tracks here have passages uncannily similar in style to what can be found on Eloy's release "Inside", and the track Dreaming of Pastries starts out sounding like early Motorhead. The most obvious influence in most songs here are Black Sabbath though; and as the retail version of this album has been remixed to sound heavier than the promo release I have, this will be even more obvious to those that buy this CD. The songs on this album are rather nice as well. Production is a bit on the primitive side, which suits this kind of music perfectly. The main weakness here is the vocals, which are limited in range and slightly accented. Still, for fans of 70's hard rock and doom metal this won't be much of a problem.

Conclusion. Overall, it's a nice album, a release that should appeal strongly to fans of retro hard rock and doom metal.

OMB: December 1, 2007

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