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Art of Illusion - 2014 - “Round Square of The Triangle"

(65:00; Lynx Music)


Art of Illusion are a Polish prog metal quartet who are primarily instrumental, although they do work with singers at times. Comprised of Filip Wisniewski (guitars), Pawel Lapuc (piano, keyboards), Kamil Kluczynski (drums), and Mateusz Wisniewski (bass), this 2016 album had Marcin Walczak as a guest singer on three tracks although he joined as a full member in time for 2018’s excellent ‘Cold War of Solipsism’. I was very impressed with that album, and I am glad to report that this earlier release finds me very much in the same vein. The rhythm section provides melodic structure and foundation, but keep moving as they drive through different time signatures and patterns, never staying too long in one spot, while the two main melodic leads are both masters in their own right. Wisniewski can shred when he wants to, but he also understands the need for harmony and contrast, while also being more than happy to use discord at the optimal moment, generally swapping lead roles with Lapuc so that when one is in ascendance the other provides the support which is required, and it is rare that they bounce off each other, but when they do they show very powerful understanding. The next album was a vocal album, while this is far more in an instrumental field, and I am somewhat surprised that Walczak managed to find a melodic line for himself given there is so much going on with a band who had already been playing together for some years before this was recorded. It is fresh and light, but also dynamic and driving and has a feeling of intensity and honesty that is sometimes missing from the likes of some in that while they are incredibly technically proficient there always is a reason for what they are playing as opposed to running off at tangents to show just how brilliant they are. The result is something which has been overlooked by much of the Western prog fans, but for more than 30 years I have been saying what an amazing scene they have over there and yet again this more than proves it.

Progtector: May 2023

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