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Argenti & Rosa - 2011 - "Boston Gig"

(47:03, Rosa)



1.  Stress Me 4:48
2.  Svezia in Fiamme 7:28
3.  Bebop 6:59
4.  So Thats How It Is 7:19
5.  Dubbio 5:50
6.  Funk in the Deep Freeze 8:56
7.  Freedom Jazz Dance 5:40


Ferdinando Argenti  piano
Enrico Rosa  guitar
Jim Lattini  drums
David Clark  bass

Prolusion. Of the two main musicians in this international project (both of whom are Italians by birth), Enrico ROSA and Ferdinando ARGENTI, the former is probably known better than the latter: for being the leader of Campo Di Marte in particular. Boston Gig is the mens latest collaborative effort, following "To the Old Friendship" from 2003.

Analysis. Surely, Boston Gig is a live recording; it features seven instrumental creations, all of which (save Dubbio) seem to be new items on the outfits general track list, although a couple of those are renderings of others compositions. On Bebop this guitar/ piano/ bass/ drums lineup appears as a purely jazz act. Structurally, we get here what is obviously a jazz musics trademark, namely swingy rhythmic patterns and free improvisations. Whats significant, however, is that the players never provide unison leads, occupying opposite poles instead (which is typical of almost the entire material). In this respect, the music has a lot in common with the Chick Corea Trios, albeit it does really resemble that at times, particularly when the piano is at the head of the proceedings, Argenti giving his best Corea impressions here. On pieces like Stress Me and Dubbio the quartet still principally explores the improvisational jazz end of the spectrum, but, from time to time, it also fuses into a semblance of a jazz-rock band, occasionally bringing to mind mid-70s Soft Machine. Roses playing on these is at times like a synthesis of Allan Holdsworths quirkiness meeting Al DiMeolas slide devices, which is also evinced on Freedom Jazz Dance. Concluding the album, this is its most diverse and compelling creation a damn fine effort actually, suggesting classic Return To Forever in style. Lets move further. Strong melodic elements affirm themselves on each of the remaining three compositions, Svezia in Fiamme, So Thats How It Is and Funk in the Deep Freeze, but while on the first of these they also manage to evolve into classic jazz-rock moves in places, well, the latter two tracks are either balladic or semi-mellow, semi-atmospheric in appearance. Thats also not to say theyre full of internal cohesion or beauty either, but anyhow, none of them are weak: as hinted above, there are no trivial jazz tricks anywhere on the album, and as for a swingy rhythm, it is a traditional rather than an ordinary one.

Conclusion. Boston Gig is a fairly remarkable effort, done by truly masterful musicians. Please only note that it appeals more to jazz fans than to jazz rock ones, let alone those who are into progressive Jazz-Fusion.

VM=Vitaly Menshikov: Agst 1, 2011
The Rating Room

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