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Anatrofobia - 2020 - "Canto Fermo"

(38:12; Aut Records)


Anatrofobia are an Italian RIO/experimental progressive rock band from Italy, who between 1997 and 2007 released 6 studio albums. At the time there was a core of brothers Luca Cartolari (bass and electronics), Alessandro Cartolari (alto sax and elecotrnics) and Andrea Biondello (percussion). Some 13 years on from their last full-length the album, are back with their next. Only Luca Cartolari (bass, e-bow, effects, computer) and Andrea Biondello (drums) are still there, and they have been joined by Cristina Trotto Gatta from Masche (voice, melodica) and Paolo Cantu (guitar, clarinet, effects, loops, electronics). Cantu is a well-known guitarist in the experimental scene, playing in bands such as Makhno, Tasaday Afterhours, Six Minute War Madness, A Short Apnea, Four Gardens in One, End of Summer, Damo Suzukiís Network, and others. Anyone who is heavily involved with any member of Can is always going to have an interesting approach to music, and such is the case here. The band have historically been an instrumental act, but now they have a singer, yet her approach (which may actually be just reading the words although she does sing as well) fits in well with what is an incredibly experimental and interesting outfit. There is a feeling of a large amount of improvisation on the album, although some pieces are obviously structured quite deliberately. But while there may be beautifully delicate fretless bass, that could be pitted against strange electronic noises and jagged sounds which both brings all the elements together yet also deliberately alienates them. Often one has no idea where the music is going, but then one does wonder if the band does either, yet somehow it always comes to a logical conclusion. Delicate yet strong, this is left field music for those who enjoy musicians who continue to push boundaries and do something quite different. Anatrofobia were originally formed nearly 30 years ago and it will be interesting to see if we have to wait another 13 years for the next one as this is both solid and incredibly interesting.

Progtector: October 2020

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