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Akineton Retard (Chile) - 2001 - "Akineton Retard"
(42 min, Lizard)

TRACK LIST:                             
1.  Copenhagen Schtorba 4:15
2.  Primogenia Satiria 8:16
3.  Viaje e Erlebnis 3:43
4.  Blues en Re 7:03
5.  Gansos Patos y Gallinas 8:09
6.  Mamut y Milodones 2:51
7.  Aquelarre Satiri Sarnaz 8:24

All tracks: by Akineton Retard.


Estratos Akrias - alto sax, bass clarinet; vocals
Petras Das Petren - all-sort saxophones; vocals
Tanderal Anfurness - guitar
Lera Futas - bass
Bolshek Tradib - drums

Prolusion. This is one review in a series dedicated to those new and relatively recent releases by the Italian and Chilean progressive labels Lizard and Mylodon, many of which are the products of their long-term collaboration. AKINETON RETARD was formed in Chile in 1994. Although for the first time, the band entered the studio only five years later, they already have three official outings: the eponymous debut album, "Akranania" (2002) and "21 Canapes" (2003).

Synopsis. The Chilean Progressive Rock movement's history is dated as far back as the end of the '60s, and the names of the heroes that were standing at the cradle of it, such as >Traffic Sound, will forever be part of the annals of the genre. Along with >Tryo and some other performers, Akineton Retard takes one of the leading positions among the contemporary Chilean stalwarts of uncompromisingly progressive music. Their eponymous debut outing is probably the most beautiful RIO-related album released in recent years. It is no secret that even some experienced Prog-lovers that don't enjoy RIO, found this music to be too angular if not downright ugly. Like U Totem's >"Strange Attractors", which was my introduction to the genre itself, "Akineton Retard" is just perfect to begin exploring that wonderful musical dimension and fall in love with it after all. Five out of the seven tracks contain singing (with lyrics in Spanish), but not many, which is just natural for this kind of music. The vocals are of the two types: rather coarse, which remind me of those on Univers Zero's >"Heresie", and clear and histrionic in character. Sometimes Estratos Akrias and Petras Das Petren sing together, though they are saxophonists above all. In a general sense, it can be said that Akineton Retard follows the canons of classic RIO, but although their music isn't abundant in jazzy features, it is less dark and is more melodic than that, which is usually typical for representatives of the classic, i.e. Belgian, school of the genre. The first three tracks are a mix of Chamber Rock, RIO, Heavy Metal and Jazz-Fusion and have much in common, at least stylistically. The music is heavy, complex, beautiful, and mesmerizing all simultaneously, regardless of how strange it sounds. While moving in a similar direction, the other two songs: Gansos Patos y Gallinas and Aquelarre Satiri Sarnaz, as well as the instrumental Mamut y Milodones, are softer and contain elements of the Oriental music in addition. The contents of the remaining instrumental piece Blues en Re much correspond to its title. This is a blend of Blues Rock and Jazz-Fusion with only light shades of RIO. Nevertheless, this is just another brilliant composition in this series, as a breathe of magic touched all the tracks on this album, without exception.

Conclusion. It is obvious that the band took their time with the arrangements, as they are superbly crafted and are amazingly cohesive. The first Akineton Retard album is an unquestionable success and is probably the best place for the novice to acquire the taste. This band has class, and all you need to comprehend their music is just to be in the right mood. Don't fear the RIO:-) Thanks!

VM: October 19, 2004

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