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Gary Chandler
Gary Chandler
Interview by Vitaly Menshikov

Hello Mr.Chandler. Welcome to Progressor, one of the Battle Stations on the World Wide Web supported the Progressive Rock movement. Thank you for doing the interview.

1. You have by now five full-fledged studio albums. So, first of all I want to congratulate you on the success of your ProGductions. Please tell a brief Story of Jadis, who are living under the flag of UK, and working under the flag of Progressive Rock.

I started the band when I was at school when it had other names before Jadis such as Icarus and Saruman Grass, it eventually became Jadis in about '82 when we all decided to move up to London. Our first notable gigs came when we firstly did a support tour with IQ on the ' Nomzamo' tour then a couple of years later we supported Marillion on their 'Clutching at Straws' tour.

2. Could you please explain the name of your band. How and why you reached the decision to name it exactly so?

The name was suggested by Mark Ridout, who was a member of the band way back then and at the time was an avid reader of CS Lewis books. Jadis is the name of one of the characters from 'The Magicians Nephew' which is part of 'The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe' series.

3. What was your thinking when you formed Jadis?

Before Jadis I used to sing in Theatre shows occasionally, and sometimes I would sing in dodgy run down working men's clubs with equally dodgy, rundown backing groups ,but it was all good experience. Then I heard Steve Hackett's guitar playing in Genesis and that was the inspiration I needed. I had never heard anything like it before and this was an area of music I could relate to and definitely something I wanted to be involved with. I then managed to find some like minded people in my year at school Mark Ridout & Trev Dawkins} who had similar tastes in music and we set about trying to come up with ideas after school .

4a. BTW, our readers need some information about you: if you're married, children; who are your favourite bands; and your hobbies. Can you answer this? If not...

Wow what a loaded question !!! How about - a free spirit who's fav's are Steve Hackett, mid period Genesis, Floyd, Rush, Kim Mitchell, Yes, The Tubes and of the newer bands Manic Street Preachers, Crowded House and Porcupine Tree.

4b. What exactly are you up to at the moment, and what can you tell about the 'reunion' with Martin Orford and John Jowitt?

We are working very hard on promoting the album, interviews and the like - also we've just announced a gig in London, so we are trying to get as many people there as possible.

It is great having John & Martin working with the band again. It goes without saying that they are extraordinary talents, the line-up seems very natural together, as far as live goes it is like they have never been away. John and Steve work marvellous together. Martin already has the respect he deserves. It's reassuring to go out and do harmony vocals in a live situation with someone who can sing great backing vox - Jadis fans really do love this line-up, so long may it continue.

5. As I know, "Somersault" (1997) was the first Jadis album released by your own label "Jadis Music". Are you happy with your current distribution deal with "Dorian Music" headed by Steve Rothery of Marillion?

The deal with Dorian Music was only for Somersault. With Understand we are doing all the leg work ourselves - hence why we are so, so busy.

6. As a part of the live shows, which are planned for Baja Prog IV, Jadis will play in Mexicali on March 2nd (?), 2000. How would you define the Baja Prog festival and the role it plays in the contemporary Progressive Rock movement?

Well, Mexico was an experience and an adventure, all enjoyable. The theatre is a great venue and the organisation in the main was great. It all helps to spread the word and certainly a lot of people who would not normally get the chance to see Jadis play live, were able to do so - for example a lot of people travelled over the border from the States. We got a lot of positive feedback from that one show.

7. What other things do you have in line for the future?

Firstly we will by pushing like crazy to get the Understand reviewed in as many publications as possible and played on as many independent radio stations. We will then play a few gigs in UK in May, then start up again at the end of the Summer when we will be doing gigs in Holland, France and South America.

VM: Thank you very much. I appreciate your time.

Gary Chandler:No problem, sorry it took so long!

Post: P.O. Box 21, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire.
      SO32 1XD. England.

April 26, 2000

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