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30.XII+ The Spacious Mind - "The Drifter"
30.XII+ The Windmill - "Tribus"
30.XII+ Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier - "The Colours of Time"
30.XII+ Aisles - "Hawaii"
30.XII+ Project Nightscape - "To Sin Against Our Mercies"
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30.XII+ Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores - "The Opposite"
30.XII+ Burntfield - "Hereafter"
30.XII+ Charles Wiley - "Corn Man Chapter 2: Corn Inc. Cometh"
30.XII+ Karmamoi - "The Day Is Done"
30.XII+ Light Damage -"Numbers"
30.XII+ Martin Barre - "Roads Less Travelled"
30.XII+ Opeth - "Garden of the Titans"
30.XII+ Ovrfwrd - "Blurring the Lines"
30.XII+ Phideaux - "Infernal"
30.XII+ Piah Mater - "The Wandering Daughter"
30.XII+ Rene Lussier Quintette - "Rene Lussier Quintette "
30.XII+ Rick Miller - "Delusional"
30.XII+ Riverside - "Wasteland"
30.XII+ Salva - "Off the Deep End"
30.XII+ Sanguine Hum - "Now We Have Power"
30.XII+ The Dame - "Losing Sight of What You Want"
30.XII+ Tiger Moth Tales - "Story Tellers Part Two"
30.XII+ Tom Slatter - "Spirit Box"
30.XII+ Trip Lava - "Ounds"
30.XII+ Various Artists - "The Sled"
30.XII+ Walfad - "Colloids"
30.XII+ Karfagen - "Messages From Afar: First Contact"
30.XII+ Millenium - "44 Minutes"
30.XII+ The Ryszard Kramarski Project - "Music inspired by The Little Prince"
30.XII+ Vinyl Hampdin - "Red"
30.XII+ Marco Ragni - "Land of Blue Echoes"
30.XII+ Richard Pinhas / Merzbow / Yoshida Tatsuya - "Process & Reality
30.XII+ Walfad - "Momentum"
30.XII+ Yossi Sassi Band -"Roots and Roads"
30.XII+ Children of the Moon - "Children of the Moon"
30.XII+ Rick Miller"Breaking Point"
30.XII+ Riverside - "Love, Fear and the Time Machine"
30.XII+ Light Damage - "Light Damage"
30.XII+ Walfad - "An Unsung Hero, Salty Rains & Him"
30.XII+ Yossi Sassi Band - "Desert Butterflies"
30.XII+ Phideaux/Mogon"Phideaux/Mogon"
30.XII+ Dream Aria - "Transcend"
30.XII+ Mystery - "Theatre of the Mind"
30.XII+ Richard Pinhas - "Chronolyse"
30.XI+ 3.2 - "The Rules Have Changed"
30.XI+ The C-Sides Project - "10 Days"
30.XI+ Damanek - "In Flight"
30.XI+ Electric Mud "The Deconstruction of Light"
30.XI+ Elfin Bow and Garry Lloyd - -"Who Knows Where the Time Goes"
30.XI+ Jon Downes - "Coldharbour"
30.XI+ Kris Gietkowski - "Symmetric Communication"
30.XI+ Nick Nicely - "All Along the Watchtower"
30.XI+ Norm MacPherson - "Blue Sky After Pleasant Rain"
30.XI+ Oh - "Metallia"
30.XI+ Orbiter - " Backyard Planetarium "
30.XI+ Overture - " Overture"
30.XI+ Shineback - "Dial"
30.XI+ SL Theory - "Progressively Dark (A Concert For A Group & String Orchestra)"
30.XI+ Soft Machine - "Hidden Details"
30.XI+ The Chemistry Set - "Firefly"
30.XI+ Touch - “We Feel Fine”
30.XI+ Twelfth Night - "Sequences"
30.XI+ Various Artists - "The Three Seasons"
30.XI+ Atlantropa Project - "Atlantropa Project"
30.XI+ Opera Oscura - "Disincanto"
30.XI+ Ten Jinn - "Sisyphus"
30.XI+ Orgia Pravednikov - "Dlya Teh Kto Vidit Sny Vol. 2"
30.XI+ Tides From Nebula - "Safeheaven"
30.XI+ Tir Na Nog - "The Dark Dance"
30.XI+ Zip Tang - "Private Shangri-La"
30.XI+ Orgia Pravednikov - "Vpered I Vverkh (Live)"
30.XI+ Rocket Scientists - "Supernatural Highways"
30.XI+ Kenny Mitchell - "Voyager"
30.XI+ Zip Tang - "Das Reboot"
30.XI+ Orgia Pravednikov "Shitrock"
30.XI+ Orgia Pravednikov - "Dlya Teh Kto Vidit Sny Vol. 1"
30.XI+ Zip Tang - "Feed Our Heads"
30.XI+ Orgia Pravednikov - "Uhodyaschee Solntse"
31.X+ Aaron Brooks - "Homunculus"
31.X+ Alizarin - "Cast Zenith"
31.X+ Ally the Fiddle - "Up"
31.X+ Dream Aria - "On the Other Side"
31.X+ External - "The Blurry Horizon"
31.X+ Id Guinness - "Lost Language"
31.X+ IQ - "Ever (25th Anniversary Edition)"
31.X+ The Steve Bonino Project - "Stargazer"
31.X+ The Mourning - "Theosis"
31.X+ Jonatan Pina Duluc - "Drip/Culebra"
31.X+ Lebowski - "Plays Lebowski"
31.X+ Magnolia - "Con Fuoco"
31.X+ Various Artists - "Kopf Music"
31.X+ Anvision - "Astralphase"
31.X+ Gerson Werlang - "Memorias Do Tempo"
30.IX+ Reale Accademia di Musica - "Angeli Mutanti"
30.IX+ Tenn Jinn - "Ziggy Blackstar"
30.IX+ Yagull - "Yuna"
30.IX+ Zevious - "Lowlands"
31.VIII+ Seconds Before Landing - "Trio Volume I"
31.VII+ Black Spy - "Coming Home"
28.VI Bjorn Riis - "Coming Home"
29.V+ Alberto Rigoni - "EvoRevolution"
30.IV+ Maurizio Galia - "Prog 50"
30.III+ Exocytosis - "Endogenous Organism"
27.II+ Penna - "SubLevels"
30.I+ Clark's Secret Identity - "Retrouvaille"

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