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Forthcoming Detailed Reviews

Margin – “Psychedelic Teatime”

GnuQuartet – “Karma”

Daal – “Dances of the Drastic Navels”

Uberfall – “Treasures”

Zauss – “Notturno Leise im Wind”

Zauss – “Uberal in Terra Straniera Borders Beyond”

Zauss – “Diafonia Leitmotiv Waves”

Purposeful Porpoise – “The Water Games”

Telergy – “Hypatia”

3rdegree – “Ones & Zeroes-I”

Fernwood – “Arcadia”

Ole Lukkoye – “Dyatly”

Hands – “Caviar Bobsled”

Tir Na Nog – “The Dark Dance”

Sinouj – “La Fiche”

Progeland – “Gate to Fulfilled Fantasies”

Transport Aerian – “Darkblue”

Cell15 – “Chapter One”

Shadow Merchant – “The Tunnel”

Symbolon Obscura – “Symbolon Obscura"

Elephants Of Scotland – “Good Morning Gettysburg”

Voice Of The Enslaved – “Voice of the Enslaved”

Marco Ragni – “Mother from the Sun”

Julian Julien – “Terre II”

Lars Boutrup – “Small As a Ball”

Indrek Patte – “Thank and Share”

Konstantin Jambazov – “Matter in the Nothingness”

Battlestations – “The Extent of Damage”

Phi – “Waves Over Vienna”

Pandora Snail – “War and Peace”

Rendezvous Point – “Solar Storm”

La Horde – “Dystopie”

Unified Past – “Shifting the Equilibrium”

Gekko Projekt – “Reya of Titan”

Gentle Knife – “Gentle Knife”

Project Patchwork – “Tales from a Hidden Dream”

Kinetic Element – “Travelog”

The Hadron Big Bangers – “Strange Beauty Decays”

Nichelodeon & Francesco Paladino – “Quickworks & Deadworks”

Jean Lapouge Trio – “Plein Air”

Adrian Weiss – “Easy Game”

Stewart Bell - The Antechamber of Being I”

Fernando Refay – “The Day We Came to Realise”

Eddie Mulder – “Dreamcatcher”

Elmo Karjalainen – “The Free Guitar Album”

Franco Baggiani – “Memories of Always”

Vogel, Stauss & Artgenossen – “En Route”

Alberto Rigoni – “Overloaded”

Paul Foley – “Space in Spacetime”

Cranium Pie – “Mechanisms-II”

Maze Of Sound – “Sunray”

Johnny Unicorn – “Angels in the Oort Cloud”

Khatsaturjan – "Beast, Machine & Man"

Quantum Fantay – "Dancing in Limbo"

Profusion – "Phersu"

Odin's Court – “Turtles All the Way Down”

Spirit – “Humouring Gods”

Slychosis – “Fractured Eye”

Nauticus – “The Wair”

Majestic – “VOZ”

State Urge – “White Rock Experience”

Altare Thotemico - "Sogno Errando"

Seavine – “Seavine”

Leap Day – “From the Days of Deucalion 1”

Greensleeves – “Inertial Frames”

Nth Ascension – “Ascension of Kings”

Roz Vitalis – “Lavore D'Amore”

Rusty Pacemaker – “Ruins”

Discordia – “Season Changes”

Honey Barbara – “Wave Grass”

Cary Grace – “Tygerland”

Accept – “Perpetual Flow”

Juke – “Chimera's Tale”

King Of Agogik – “Exlex Beats”

PAWN – “The Gift of Awareness”

Abandoned Stars – “Fragments”

Crooked Mouth – “One Bright Midnight”

Ciccada – “The Finest of Miracles”

Mollmaskin – “Heartbreak in Stereo”

Kaukasus – “I”

Mather Thallium – “Abandoned by the Sun”

Lizards Exist – “Lizards Exist”

Metatag – “Surrender”

Braindance – “Master of Disguise”

La Coscienza Di Zeno – “La Notte Anche di Giorno”

Box Of Shamans – “Belief and Illusion”

Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier – “Chasing Tales”

Rhys Marsh – “Sentiment”

Roland Buhlmann – “Aineo”

Peter Matuchniak – “Destiny”

Neil Campbell – “eMErgence”

Demian Heuke – “Treumal”

Jack Jeffrey – “Enlightened Horizon”

Malcolm Smith – “We Were Here”

Kalle Vilpuu – “Silver Lining”

Giannotti – “The Great Unknown”

Luminous Newts – “Luminous Newts”

Methexis – “Suiciety”

The Seventh Ring Of Saturn – “Ormythology”

The Psychedelic Ensemble – “The Sunstone”

Sonisk Blodbad – “Deux”

Kermit – “Litoral”

Distorted Harmony – “Chain Reaction”

Soft Hearted Scientists – “The Slow Cyclone”

Pymlico – “Guiding Light”

Days Of Ashes – “In the Mirror of Reconciliation”

Hominido – “Estirpe Litica”

Stop Motion Orchestra – “Instant Everything”

Colours Of Solitude – “A Secret River”

Sendelica – “Live at Crabstock Wales 2014”

Pocket Size – “Exposed Undercurrents”

Firebird – “Bonds of Life”

Kong – “Stern”

Metronome The City – “Isonomia”

The Lost Generation – “The Lost Generation”

Aristocrats – “Culture Crash Live”

You Me & Us – “Poesy at Play”

Light Coorporation – “Before the Murmur of Silence”

Blank Manuskript – “The Waiting Soldier”

The Artaud Beats – “Logos”

Ad Astra – “Surface of Last Scattering”

Armed Cloud – “Obsidian Desert”

El Tubo Elastico – “El Tubo Elastico”

ZX+ – “Don't Drink the Water”

Conqueror – “Un'altra Verita”

Snovi – “Snovi”

Snovi – “Ciklus”

Syzygy – “Cosmos and Chaos: 20 Anniversary Compendium”

Icchthyander Dad's Only Dolphin – “At One Music Fest”

Various Artists - "Decameron II"

Yesterdays – “Holdfenykert” (OMB)

And some Short Reviews (of EPs and Digital Releases)

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