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Forthcoming Detailed Reviews

Lamanaif – “L’Uomo Infinito”

Habitat – “Historias Olvidadas”

Aldo Pinelli – “Suito Italiana”

Gianluca Milanese & Nicola Andrioli – “Tessere”

Bruno Bavota Ensemble – “La Casa Sulla Luna”

R11 – “Lupus in Trio”

Monjoie – “Affetto e Attrazione”

Runaway Totem – “Affreschi e Meditazione”

Il Giardino Onirico – “Perigeo”

Quasar LS – “The Dead Dream”

Flora – “Sei”

Magnolia – “La Zona d’Ombra”

The Worm Ouroboros – “The Worm Ouroboros”

Empty Days – “Empty Days”

Spaltklang – “In Between”

Mirthkon – “Snack(s)”

Storm – “Lost in Time” (2CD)

Banda Elastica – “Aqui, Alla Y Aculla”

Angel Ontalva – “Mundo Flotante”

Allan Holdsworth – “Flattire”

Yagull – “Films”

Copernicus - “L’Eternite Immediate”

Dewa Budjana – “Surya Namaskar”

Xavi Reija – “Resolution”

Susan Clynes – “Life Is...”

Il Segno Del Comando – “Il Volto Verde”

Osanna – “Tempo” (3DVD Book)

Gleemen – “Oltre...Lontano-Lontano”

Desert Wizards – “Ravens”

Fungus – “The Face of Evil”

Il Tempo Delle Cressidre – “Alienatura”

Sophia Baccini’s Aradia – “Big Red Dragon”

Three Monks – “The Legend of the Holy Circle”

Uberfall – “Treasures”

Zauss – “Notturno Leise im Wind”

Zauss – “Uberal in Terra Straniera Borders Beyond”

Djam Karet - “Regenerator 3017”

Spoke Of Shadows - “Spoke of Shadows”

Deficiency - “The Prodigal Child”

Rick Miller - "Heart of Darkness"

Flight 09 – “Signs of the Water”

Algabas – “Angels and Demons”

Mind Portal – “1/2 Thought & Matter”

Tinkicker – “The Cup of the Lord and the Wine of the Demons”

Seventh Ocean – “Diapause”

Virtuel - "Conception of Perception"

RPWL – “Wanted”

RPWL – “A Show Beyond Man and Time” (DVD)

RPWL – “A Show Beyond Man and Time” (2CD)

Clive Nolan – “Alchemy Live” (3CD/2DVD)

Polska Radio One – “Cosmos Inside”

Superdrama – “The Promise”

Apogee – “Waiting for the Challenge”

Ovrfwrd – “Beyond the Visible Light”

Distillerie Di Malto – “Suono”

Alessio Riccio – “Ninshubar: From the Above to the Below”

Kevin Martinelli – “Unpronouncable”

Fabrice Bony – “Inner Lands”

Louis De Meulle – “Defence Mechanisms”

Zuffanti – “La Quarta Vittima”

Deafening Opera – “Blueprint”

William Gray – “Silentio”

Jupiter Society – “From Endangered to Extinct”

Kosmos – “Salattu Maailma”

Frank Flight Band – “Remains”

Spirit – “Humouring Gods”

Slychosis – “Fractured Eye”

Nauticus – “The Wair”

Majestic – “VOZ”

State Urge – “White Rock Experience”

Crystal Palace – “System of Events”

Altare Thotemico - "Sogno Errando"

Seavine – “Seavine”

Fughu – “Human: The Tales” (2CD)

Might Could – “Relics from the Wasteland”

Sonus Umbra – “Winter Soulstice”

R-Evolution Band – “The Dark Side of the Wall”

Ahmshere – “Mindless Trust”

Persona Grata – “Reaching Places High Above”

rEarth – “My Dreams I Fall”

The Psychedelic Ensemble – “The Tale of the Golden King”

Mavara – “Season of Salvation”

Protomythos – “In Human Sight”

Beyond-O-Matic – “Relations at the Borders Between”

Slyde – “New World Sympaty + Feed the Machine”

Leap Day – “From the Days of Deucalion 1”

Ampledeed – “A Is for Ampledeed”

John Hackett & Friends – “Playing the History”

Passing Human Parade – “Provocative Dreams”

Speech Machine – “Speech Machine”

Playground - “Change the Keys”

Sonata Islands – “Meets Mahler”

Oteme – “Il Giardino Disincantato”

The Luck of Eden Hall – “Victoria Moon”

The Black Noodle Project – “Ghosts & Memories”

Toxic Smile – “7”

25 Yard Screamer – “Something That Serves to Warn or Remind”

Fatal Fusion – “The Ancient Tale”

Theater of the Absurd – “The Myth of Sisyphus”

Nami – “The Eternal Lights of the Unconscious Mind”

The Knells – “The Knells”

Oyvind Myhre - “Oyvind Myhre & the Chemistry Set”

Deadburger Factory – “La Fisica delle Nuvole” (3CD)

Yearstones – “Comet”

Accolade – “Legends”

nHeap – “Flying and the Silence”

Frequency Drift – “Over”

Vanished From Earth – “Vanished From Earth”

Burnin Red Ivanhoe – “BRI”

Regal Worm – “Use and Ornament”

Heyoka – “The Spirit of Revelation”

Chameleon – “Rising”

Alyeus – “Forty Days at Sea”

Soniq Theater – “Heroes of the Past”

Osta Lcve – “Good Morning Dystopia”

Aisles – “4:45 AM”

Blue Dawn – “Cycle of Pain”

Dream The Electric Sleep – “Heretics”

Machine Mass – “Inti”

A Lonely Crowd – “Transients”

Aalto – “Ikaro”

Wolve – “Sleepwalker”

Seasons Of Time – “Closed Doors to Open Plains”

Akroma – “La Cene”

D'Accord – “D'Accord III”

Newspaperflyhunting – “Iceberg Soul”

Syndone – “Odysseas”

Mice On Stilts – “An Ocean Held Me”

Various Artists – “Hearts on Fire - Sweet Relief II”

Jeremy – “Journey to the Center of the Heart”

Jeremy – “Kingdom Come” (OMB)

Dreadnaught – “The American Standard” (OMB)

Keravel – “Voltz”

Art Rock Circus – “Variation on a Dream”

The Cosmic Remedy – “The Cosmic Remedy”

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